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Dallas Novelty whose motto is, “Sexy is For Everybody,” celebrates July 31st #NationalOrgasmDay with five of the hottest toys of summer guaranteed to get you off.

“National Orgasm Day is a great day to remember what’s important and that’s to always please yourself so you can help your lover do the same,” says Nick Mahler of Dallas Novelty. “This summer has seen the coming of a holy grail sex toy that sucks, licks and vibrates all at the same damn time!”

This magical contraption is called the Her Ultimate Pleasure https://www.dallasnovelty.com/shop/disabled-sex-toys/limited-hand-mobility/pipedream-toys-fantasy-for-her-her-ultimate-pleasure-20-function-4-motor-rechargeable-silicone-massager-with-auto-suction-pump/ from our good friends at Pipedreams in the female focused Fantasy For Her Collection. We have almost sold more of these in the last 3 months than all of last year’s Womanizer/Satisfyer sales. The Her Ultimate Pleasure comes with 2 clear cups in different shapes so you can choose which fits your lady bits tighter to get a good seal for the pulsating suction to work to its max potential. The suction along with the multiple speeds of the silicone wrapped tongue lapping your clit will have you wondering why you keep the snoring wooly mammoth on the payroll. The handle of this silky purple wonder also vibrates and is insertable for even more pleasure in just one reasonably priced rechargeable sex toy.

If you are looking for an automatic thrusting of stroking dildo that has realistic features then the Mini Teddy from Velvet Thruster https://www.dallasnovelty.com/shop/sex-toys-for-people-with-disabilities/limited-hand-mobility/velvet-thruster-mini-teddy-6-function-rechargeable-realistic-silicone-thrusting-handheld-sex-machine-mint-green/ is your new best friend. Not only does this new design stick to a smooth flat surface with its suction cup base but it also plays very well with a strap-on harness as long as it has an O-ring attachment and the controls are still super simple to use even with lubed up fingers. It is made from the same awesome silicone that his big thrusting brothers are made of but now you have 4 amazing colors to choose from, our personal favorite is the Mint Green. The Mini Teddy is also good for customers who might need a little help in the thrusting area due to disease or injury.

With the popularity of the stockbroker show, Billions, Lisa Ann has rose to the top of our customers favorite masturbator with her Barracuda Vagina from Fleshlight. This unique internally textured stroker has a series of little smooth fingers that stroke your manhood just as the real thing does to her costars. The https://www.dallasnovelty.com/shop/disabled-sex-toys/limited-hand-mobility/fleshlight-girls-lisa-anns-vagina-barracuda-sensation-stroker-male-masturbator/ comes in the limited edition pearl white Fleshlight Girls discreet container that makes this toy super easy to clean and have ready for your next marathon training session. You want to be ready for the big show and practice always makes perfect, so train your little helmet headed stockbroker for the ultimate challenge. You can also have her Ass https://www.dallasnovelty.com/shop/disabled-sex-toys/limited-hand-mobility/fleshlight-girls-lisa-anns-butt-savage-sensation-stroker-male-masturbator/ with the Savage.

We-Vibe has always had the best designs for female-oriented vibes, and they do not disappoint with the Moxie. The Aqua Blue colored magnetic massager was designed to be worn by a lady inside her favorite pair of panties but with the unique magnetic puck it will stay where it’s supposed to unlike cheaper versions. The https://www.dallasnovelty.com/shop/sex-toys-for-people-with-disabilities/limited-hand-mobility/we-vibe-moxie-wearable-remote-10-function-rechargeable-silicone-clitoral-vibrator-with-app-control/ is remote controlled so you can give your lover the power or keep it for yourself to choose your pleasure. In addition to the wireless remote, the Moxie also uses the Bluetooth connection and the new and improved We-Connect smartphone app that can be controlled anywhere in the world. This toy is also great for limited mobility customers since you don’t have to reach for it to change the speed or pattern plus it is an external toy for easy cleanup.

A new but upcoming star in the multiple function sex toy line is the NU Sensuelle Trinitii that vibrates, sucks and licks in a small petite sized package that you can take on trips. The https://www.dallasnovelty.com/shop/sex-toys-for-people-with-disabilities/limited-hand-mobility/nu-sensuelle-trinitii-26-function-rechargeable-flickering-tongue-vibrator-with-suction-ultraviolet/ is available in purple and greenish blue currently and for under $100 you can’t hardly beat this 26 function pleasure provider.

You may follow Dallas Novelty at www.DallasNovelty.com , on Twitter at www.Twitter.com/DallasNovelty and on Instagram at www.Instagram.com/DallasNovelty. 

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