Twenty-five years after then-Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders was forced to resign for saying something brief and sensible about masturbation, Good Vibrations’s response, International Masturbation Month, is back with a DIY theme. As we’ve said for years, “If you want something done right… do it yourself!”

First launched in May 1995, this month is still a strategy to fight shame and misinformation about this very common sexual practice — and to get people talking about it. From the Masturbation Hall of Fame, the Favorite Masturbation Euphemism contest, and of course the Masturbate-a-Thon, each year we’ve sought to create something to further educational activism and get masturbation the respect it deserves. Masturbation is still controversial in some quarters, but because it’s so central to our ability to learn about our own bodies and sexual responses, Good Vibrations is still proud to speak out about solo love.

As Staff Sexologist Carol Queen PhD notes, “It’s stress-relieving, pain-relieving, for many people the key to unlocking the ability to orgasm, and as such it’s related to humans’ ability to feel pleasure. It’s an act that doesn’t hurt anyone and has so many positive effects–masturbation should be out-and-out celebrated!”

Several of Good Vibrations’s Bay area stores are planning National Masturbation Month celebrations, listed below. And stay tuned for a very special announcement as we launch our newest masturbation-positive project, in collaboration with O.School. The date to watch: May 7th!

Masturbation Month events at a glance:
May 3, 7-8pm–May is Masturbation Month! Self-Love, Sips and Shopping Discounts at Kearny (free)
May 4, 6-7pm–Masturbation Month Mini-Lesson: May Flowers, Happy Hour at Polk (free)
May 6, 5:30-6:30pm–Masturbation Monday! Sips and Shopping Discounts at Lakeshore (free)
May 11, 7-8pm–Masturbation Month! Self-Love, Sips and Shopping Discounts at Berkeley (free)

For SF Bay Area event details: