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Honey’s Place has optimized its website with new features designed to make searching, ordering, and tracking fast, easy and user-friendly. As part of its commitment to customer satisfaction, Honey’s Place offers real-time product notifications and ETAs and more, making HoneysPlace.com one of the most modern and feature-rich adult distribution sites in the industry. Honey’s Place also has integrations with a variety of platforms, most recently with the LightSpeed POS.

The latest updates made to HoneysPlace.com include: 

HoneysPlace.com has been optimized for mobile use with hundreds of updates and upgrades made to create a superior experience for customers using small devices.

Product Notifications: Want to know when an out of stock product is available? Now customers can click the “Notify Me” button to receive an email within 15 minutes of the item becoming available.

Special Order Items: Customers can go directly to the product page of any special-order item, enter the quantity they need for the next month, and click “Request Item.” This quickly and efficiently sends their request and account information directly to Honey’s Place’s purchasing department with no additional communications necessary. 

Website Orders Now Scannable:  A barcode of the UPC code that corresponds to the SKU for every item ordered has been added to all orders viewable on HoneysPlace.com, allowing our customers to easily print the order and then scan the items into their inventory system. This makes the receiving process much faster and more efficient for our customers.

Estimated Time of Arrival: Product out of stock?  Honey’s Place now displays the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) directly on the product page, giving customers a better estimate of when the product will once again be available.

LightSpeed POS Integration: Honey’s Place has been working closely with LightSpeed to better integrate their inventory into the POS system to allow customers to place orders and reorders with ease. Honey’s Place’s entire catalog is currently available on the LightSpeed POS, and more exciting changes are coming!

“As a full-service distributor, it’s essential that our customers can easily, quickly and conveniently handle their business online, which is why we are constantly updating HoneysPlace.com,” Honey’s Place president and CEO Bonnie Feingold says. “Honey’s Place aims to provide our customers with a modern user-friendly system that is packed with features, and the last six months have brought some exciting updates! We make it easy for customers to save time and energy online so they have more to spend on other important facets of their businesses.” 

This year marks Honey’s Place 25th anniversary! Sign up today and help the team celebrate with specials and exclusives available to Honey’s Place customers only!

To learn more about Honey’s Place, call 800-910-3246, email sales@honeysplace.com or visit honeysplace.com.

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