In its support of friends, customers, and vendors, Kheper Games, Inc. is sharing some great games to play during the coronavirus shutdown we’re all trying to cope with. They can be played with a friend over the phone, with a group chat or video chat. 

Party games with cards available include Extreme Personal Questions and the soon-to-be-launched More Extreme Personal Questions. For these, two people can ask each other questions or a group can vote on their favorite answers when two people compete to give the best answer.

Drinking games on the site include Who’s the Biggest Slut?, Who’s the Biggest Freak?, Drinking With Stupid, and What the F*ck? I Never Have. All can be played with two or more people. Rules are simple: Drink if you would answer yes to a question.

“It’s important that we share with each other ideas for how we learn to socialize and have fun together virtually,” explains CEO Brian Pellham. “These are troubling times, and we hope everyone can stay safe and we’re here to help you stay sane also…while staying at home.”

For more details on the social party games you can play virtually by Kheper Games, please visit, contact, or visit their Instagram account.