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With an eye towards supporting their customers and helping store owners with the recent COVID-19 stay-at-home experience, Williams Trading Co. has opened up its e-learning portal to all adult customers. 

This e-learning portal does not require a Williams Trading password and can be used by all adult store retailers, including those stores that purchase from other distributors, simply visit www.wtulearn.com and register. 

“We have now settled into our first week of mandatory in-home sheltering and business closure here in New Jersey. Many of our adult partners within the US are also affected by business closures and adjusting to new schedules while staying at home,” says Scott D., sales and marketing director at Williams Trading Co. “We feel that opening up this effective home-based e-learning tool as a resource to all adult wholesale customers is an effective tool to help store owners, employees, and all distributors’ sales personnel to stay motivated and engaged during this unprecedented time.”  

This e-learning tool offers over 120 active e-learning courses to date. Online courses are available 24 hours/7 days per week and can be taken on a PC, and all Android and iOS smartphones or tablets. Participants can accumulate WTU Cyber Badges for e-learning  Recognition. WTU recently added a new course on a Retailers Guide to COVID 19. 

“Take one course per day at home and watch your points and status grow. The courses are fun and offer interactive content, it also helps to keep you motivated to learn more about the industry products – and keeps boredom at bay,” says Rachel M, sales rep for Williams Trading Co. 

Williams Trading University offers a new Gamification program with custom badging and premium awards to recognize your achievements. You will notice your own individual badge status for all courses completed to date. Learn and get recognized for your hard work with a custom WTU cyber badge for each level of e-learning completed. WTU University provides (8) levels of recognition with custom badges based on your certifications. 

Since its inception, there have been over 120,000 e-learning course completions and the number is still growing.  Online courses are available 24 hours/7 days per week at www.wtulearn.com.

For ordering and product information, call a Williams Trading Co. Sales Representative at 800-423-8587 or visit www.williamstradingco.com  For drop shipment and e-commerce support please visit https://dropship.williamstradingco.com/.

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