Male Toys

There are thousands upon thousands of adult novelties designed exclusively for women, and understandably so—women dominate this market. But what about the guys? Are they getting the shaft? For this issue’s Special Focus, that’s exactly the point!

While men may be underrepresented in the adult pleasure sector, there has been undeniable growth in the availability and diversity of men’s products.
“The men’s pleasure product market is one of our leading growth categories,” says Chad Braverman, Doc Johnson’s Chief Creative Officer. “There has been a growing demand in the market for male toys that address both style and functionality, and we have also seen a definite trend toward men taking a greater interest in their sexual health as part of their overall health and wellness regime; and the stigma of men owning a sex toy is slowly but surely fading away.”
The focus of men’s products has also evolved to encompass more than sheer gratification, namely men’s sex toys are now designed with health in mind.
“Men are incredibly diverse, each with their own sexual desires; and it is vital for them to feel confident exploring and building healthier sex lives,” says Kathleen Stanton, marketing communications manager for CalExotics.
Braverman said the sexual wellness men’s toys take into account can “encompass everything from grooming and personal care, to enhancing pleasure and long-term sexual health.”
And while being health-conscious is becoming more and more a staple of toys, innovation is still key as that was a word shared by several respondents for this focus:

“(Male buyers) are looking for high quality, innovative, and powerful toys…”

“The male pleasure market has definitely become more innovative over the last five years…”

“Something tech savvy, unique, innovative and sexy…”

And what better way to be innovative in than merging technology and sex toys?
“There are some really interesting new products coming out that combine sex and tech in fascinating ways,” says Claire Blakeborough, marketing & communications manager for ElectraStim. “Sex toys in general are becoming ‘smart’ to catch up with the rest of the technology in our lives and we can’t wait to see where it takes us.”
Hot Octopuss’ April Lampert, global head of sales, echoes that sentiment, saying “The world has gone digital and automation runs everything from a household to a car and sex toys should follow suite. … Now we see beautifully designed, state-of-the-art (male) products where the stigma is removed and pleasure is the focus.”
Just as men have become more open and proud about their use of pleasure products, we have some of the biggest names in the adult retail industry proudly offering the best products they have to offer for this increasingly discerning clientele.


Pipedream boasts “Elite” status with
Ultimate Fantasy Love Dolls, Sir Richard’s CONTROL and more

PDX Elite is a line of men’s toys from Pipedream Products. The line was originally developed to be a non-offensive alternate to the brand’s Extreme line. PDX Elite is a high-tech male masturbator line appealing to men of all sexual orientations. Some of the PDX Elite toys feature “airbag” technology that automatically inflates to apply pressure to the masturbator sleeve. Once a man’s penis is inside the sleeve, four airbags simultaneously inflate to provide a tight squeeze.
Pipedream Products’ Ultimate Fantasy Dolls are created with TPE, stainless steel, reinforced joints and hinges and made with Pipedream’s proprietary blend of Fanta Flesh giving the dolls a lifelike touch and appearance. In the June cover story of SE Magazine, Rob Phaneuf, VP of product development for Pipedream Products, said it was their goal “to introduce full-size realistic dolls to the masses.”
Sir Richard’s new CONTROL collection offers male consumers and their partners serious benefits and utilizes a new type of silicone, Mega-Stretch Silicone, to achieve the desired effect. CONTROL features C-rings, erection enhancers and P-spot massagers. CONTROL is the latest in the evolving line of Sir Richard’s male-specific products.

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Shots heard ‘round
the male toy world

Self Lubricating Technology (SLT) masturbators and pleasure toys are always ready when you are. No lubrication is needed—simply add a little water or even saliva on the welcoming inside and that’s it. The inside surface of SLT products feature tiny holes filled with lube and once exposed to water, the lube is set free.
The Pumped line is designed to impress with its assortment of penis pumps. Each pump includes a silicone cock ring. Other advantages of the Pumped selection are delayed ejaculation, improvement of sexual appetite, boosting of testosterone, the maintenance of longer and harder erections and the supporting of penile tissue after prostate surgery.
Sono offers a large selection of prostate, anal plugs, penis sleeves and cock rings. Shots has developed these products to the highest standards of hygiene and health, using only quality materials to ensure safe and comfortable usage. All these products come in a packaging designed to give a uniform appearance.

The ElectroShock line uses electrical currents to stimulate nerve endings in erogenous zones. By targeting the most intimate areas, but adding electricity, specifically erotic electro-stimulation, this high-tech form of sex will send shock waves into the bedroom, generating a lot of buzz between the sheets. Shots’ ElectroShock e-stim devices deliver a variety of impulses, from a gentle tickle to a heavy throbbing throughout the body.
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The Optix are solid for Doc Johnson’s
Main Squeeze strokers

“The Optix collection of Main Squeeze strokers boasts all the features of Main Squeeze that customers know and love, plus a unique, completely transparent design that leaves nothing to the imagination,” says Chad Braverman, of Doc Johnson. “It’s often been said that men are visual creatures, and the huge popularity and demand for these new see-through Optix strokers upon their release has been a definite nod to that adage.”
Doc Johnson also offers three compact-sized Main Squeeze Optix Pop-Offs in three SKUs: Crystal Clear, Crystal Blue, and a third transparent option that is double-sided with an ass on one side and a pussy on the other.
“Pop-Off’s hard case exterior and tight, textured ULTRASKYN insert offer the same visually stimulating experience and squeezable grip as the original, but in a discreet compact size,” says Braverman.
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Achieve Optimum satisfaction with toys from CalExotics

“Stroke It and Optimum Series are innovative and exciting collections that we know will satisfy any man,” says Kathleen Stanton of CalExotics. “Stroke It offers a realistic stroking experience with heavy duty, anatomically correct stroking chambers. Whether it’s a mouth or mouth/ass combination, with Stroke It, men can live out their wildest fantasies.
“For men looking for innovative and powerful pumps and strokers, Optimum Series is a must-have,” Stanton adds. “This year, we’ve introduced The Automatic Smart Pump, the world’s first pre-programmed pump. Men looking to build endurance or enjoy thrilling suction will love the Automatic Smart Pump!”
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Pleasure explained in just two words:
Satisfyer Men

Touting itself as a unique mix of vaginal and oral sex, Satisfyer Men lets the user decide the level of pressure. The innovative internal pressure regulator caters to the user’s needs by providing a range of soft to strong negative pressure fit to suit the desired need. The Satisfyer Men virtually engulfs the penis, delivering an intense climax. The Satisfyer Men isn’t just any toy—it ensures intense stimulation with a unique air cushion that quickly turns into a love cushion. The novel pump feature allows the user to add or release air during use with the touch of a button.
In addition to its namesake toy, Satisfyer Men also offers a variety of lubes—Cooling, Neutral, Warming—as well as a sextet of sleeves with Chambers of Pleasure, Lusty Tongues, Tri Delights, Tornado Bliss, Kinky Waves and Pressure Spiral.
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You don’t have to be Spock to enjoy Topco’s Vulcan CyberSkin

Earlier this year, Topco unveiled its Vulcan CyberSkin H2O Shower Strokers adding to its portfolio of Vulcan CyberSkin strokers.

“CyberSkin is one of the most asked-for and recognized brands in the industry, and Topco Sales has always been known as the originator of a material that so accurately resembles the look and feel of human skin,” says Topco’s Chief Operating Officer, Autumn O’Bryan.
Just because lube isn’t required doesn’t mean that lubricant can’t be used with Vulcan CyberSkin H2O Shower Strokers—Topco suggests users keep lube nearby to enjoy the strokers anywhere, even in the absence of water. However, the water-activated element of the CyberSkin is only more enhanced when water-based lubricant is added.
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An electrifying experience from Electrastim’s
Jack Socket

“The Jack Socket is a must-have because there’s literally nothing else like it on the market,” says Claire Blakeborough of Electrastim. “Soft-touch strokers are fantastic as they are but the added element of electrical currents stimulating your nerve endings deeply through the skin is a whole different experience. Some men have also reported ‘hands-free orgasms’ using the Jack Socket as the stimulation can be timed to feel like clenching and thrusting around the penis—all without the user having to move a muscle!”
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