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Did you know that over 95% of couples engage in oral play? If there was a product that could enhance that activity would you be interested? At Wicked Sensual Care, they are striving to change the perception of lube use and flavored lubricants specifically. Historically, flavored lubes have fallen short of the delectable fantasies customers have about oral pleasures with their partner. Unfortunately, many lubes have left consumers with a literal bad taste in their mouths, making the reality not so sweet. Wicked Sensual Care flavors are nothing of the sort.

When Wicked started crafting their amazing flavored lubricants back in 2011, they wanted to elevate to a sophisticated palate, hence products like “Cinnamon Bun”, “Pink Lemonade”, and  “Mocha Java” were born. Wicked wanted all-natural ingredients. They used stevia and olive leaf extract instead of sugar and aspartame. They wanted a lubricant that was vaginally safe, and didn’t leave the most sensitive areas sticky and irritated. And perhaps most paramount—Wicked wanted something that tasted unbelievably, unequivocally delicious.

With 10 flavors under their belt and requests for more “classic” varieties, Wicked is now releasing three new flavors: Cherry, Watermelon and Strawberry. Throw all your concepts about classic lube flavors out of the window; as their delicious, silky soft, vegan, PETA certified, paraben-free, and stevia-sweetened flavored lubricants will rock your world AND your tastebuds.

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