Pipedream Products is now shipping two brand-new Dillio Platinum Body Dock SE Kits from their Midwest distribution center. Both silicone strap-on kits include the patented Body Dock SE Universal Harness and compatible Dillio Platinum dildos, and both kits are ready-to-use out of the box, giving harness-wearers instant solutions for hassle-free partner play! 

“The patented Body Dock has been a game-changer for harness-wearers since we first debuted it last year, and this new Special Edition is made from body-safe silicone for a softer, more comfortable fit and feel,” says Pipedream’s Rob Phaneuf. “With no rings, snaps, or straps to get in the way of the fun, both Body Dock Kits include everything both partners need to enjoy Push-and-Play strap-on pleasure!”

The “Body Dock SE Pegging Kit” is perfect for first-time peggers and includes the silicone Body Dock SE and a cleverly curved 5” Dillio Platinum Curious Five silicone suction-cup dildo. A video featuring the Dillio Platinum Body Dock SE Pegging Kit can be viewed here: https://vimeo.com/794639069

The “Body Dock SE Fantasy Kit” is a must-have for double-dildo lovers and includes the silicone Body Dock SE, plus two Dillio Platinum silicone suction-cup dildos. A video of the Dillio Platinum Body Dock SE Fantasy Kit can be viewed here: https://vimeo.com/795713579

Made from 100% pure Platinum-cured silicone and hand-crafted in the manufacturer’s state-of-the-art North American facility, the Dillio Platinum Collection is available in six non-representational shapes, three playful colors, and sizes ranging from 5” (12.7cm) to 8” (20.3cm). 

All Dillio Platinum dildos feature uniform, reinforced silicone suction cups, allowing users to instantly create double dildos by sticking any two Dillio’s together! The uniform silicone suction cups also make the entire Dillio Platinum collection compatible with the Body Dock SE Universal Harness System for instant “Push-N-Play” strap-on satisfaction without using rings, snaps, or straps to hold the dildo in place. 

Strapping on a new Dillio Platinum has never been easier with the Body Dock SE! The revolutionary, patented suction-based harness has been a game-changer for harness-wearers, and this new and improved version features a smaller, softer, more flexible docking base. The Body Dock SE will work with any suction-cup dildo from any manufacturer, if the diameter of the dildo’s suction cup is smaller than the diameter of the Body Dock SE (2.6” diameter or smaller). With an adjustable clip-on waistband and padded, garter-style back support, the Body Dock SE will comfortably fit up to 54” waists and easily adjusts to fit most sizes.

Made from Platinum-cured silicone for the highest degree of purity, this ultra-clean material exhibits superior strength, durability, flexibility, and non-reactivity with bodily fluids and skin. It’s often the material of choice for medical devices because of its many hygienic properties, and all Dillio Platinum dildos can be safely sterilized in boiling water for easy cleaning.

The 15-piece Dillio Platinum planogram includes a complimentary POP retail display highlighting the Body Dock SE Universal Harness System. It consists of a hangable torso, Dillio Platinum TESTER, Dillio Platinum 3D header sign, and Dillio Body Dock SE printed backing card. The entire Dillio Platinum collection is backed by Pipedream’s 1-Year Limited Warranty and packaged in sturdy, dual-display boxes that look great on the wall or the web. The boxes can be merchandised two ways (window-box or photo) and feature scannable QR codes that link directly to the product’s demonstration video, allowing shoppers to discreetly “try it before they buy it” on their mobile device. 

Updated 2023 price lists and sell sheets, in-store signage, POP displays, digital marketing materials, and product images/specs are available upon request. Please contact your preferred Pipedream Sales Representative or email marketing@pipedreamproducts.com for more information, or to place an order.