Russian state propagandist-in-chief and close ally to Vladimir Putin, Margarita Simonyan, has raised alarm “after alleging that traces of explosives were found in a parcel intended for her,” according to Express UK News.

However, after closer examination, Simonyan admits that the item sent to her was actually a vibrator, which she claims to have needed assistance in order to identify.

She wrote on her Telegram: “There was no explosive device there. But here’s what turned out. They say it’s a kind of ‘vibration bullet’ for sexual adventures. And for me it was some kind of pencil case.”

Russia Today‘s editor-in-chief posted a picture to prove: the suspected explosive was actually a bright blue sex toy from Hong Kong.

Simonyan’s open discussions about the possibility of Putin’s inner circle facing threats in the event of a Russian defeat in Ukraine, as well as a disturbing speech she gave at the end of last year, which alluded to the possibility of war crime trials for Russian leaders at The Hague, have made her a recognizable target in international media.

In her speech, Simonyan darkly told Russia1: “They are getting ready to take our Crimea. We’re doing the only thing we can do in this situation, we are bombing. We are bombing every day, we are bombing infrastructure.”

She continued: “God knows we didn’t want this, no one wanted this. You and I didn’t want this. I know the leadership didn’t want this either. There again, we are kind, polite and at times meek. We are such softies, so kind, trusting, and meek, but should we be? Right now, when we see that the infrastructure is being destroyed every day. The infrastructure that helps Ukraine to fight, to kill our people, on the territories that are now ours.

“I am amazed by our people, and I, unfortunately, know many of them, including those in very high circles, who are afraid of this and are afraid to call things as they are, because of what people over there may think. We could spit on what they’ll think over there. People who are afraid of the Hague, listen you should be afraid to lose, to be humiliated and be afraid to betray your people.

“Let me tell you that if we manage to lose, the Hague, whether real or hypothetical, will even come for a street cleaner who sweeps the cobblestone behind the Kremlin. Whether one more Kyiv district is without electricity won’t change the magnitude of the catastrophe that will befall our country if we manage to do this.”

The speech concluded: “It’s unimaginable. If you’re afraid of the Hague, stay out of the forest.”

The source of the sex toy is still unknown. As of yet, Simonyan has expressed no humor over the scare, which reminds this writer of another recent story, in which dildos instead of drones were sent to a Russian weapons hoarder and likewise Putin-enthusiast. The sex-positive comedian in this case however remains unnamed.

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