(Note: This story appears in the February issue of SE Magazine)

STOREROTICA wouldn’t be where it is today without you, our readers. To that end, we’re delighted to share comments from our marketing partners. Thank you to our entire STOREROTICA audience!

“Congratulations to STOREROTICA for 15 years of wonderful coverage and news in our industry. Larry Garland, the late founder of Eldorado, started working with Kris Kay from the very beginning of STOREROTICA and to this day Eldorado continues expanding our valued partnership with them. Their innovation in media has made them a standout partner over these past years. We wish STOREROTICA another successful 15 years!”

— Wanda Garland, CEO of Eldorado

“STOREROTICA has set a standard over the last 15 years for creating a connection between adult retail and adult manufacturers in this industry. The publication elevates the feel of the industry completely. The STOREROTICA Awards Show is a highlight that everyone in our industry looks forward to and means so much to every nominee. Kris, and the team at STOREROTICA, are amazing to work with and always raise the bar for integrity in our industry. Sportsheets is delighted to congratulate STOREROTICA on 15 years of making a difference in this industry.”

— Julie Stewart, CEO and Owner, Sportsheets

“I’ve been in the industry for a lot longer than STOREROTICA has been around, and so it’s very clear to me how much good SE has done for everybody in the sex- toy market. The magazine started strong and has proven itself time and time again, and I’m grateful for the relationships we’ve made and work we’ve been able to do together over the past 15 years.”

— Ron Braverman, CEO, Doc Johnson

“They’ve made such a huge mark on the industry that it feels like STOREROTICA has been around for much longer than 15 years. I’m grateful that they’ve been there for all Doc Johnson’s moments, both big and small, and I’m incredibly grateful for the relationships I’ve been able to build with the team.”

— Chad Braverman, COO, Doc Johnson

“STOREROTICA plays such an important role in creating a community far and wide in the adult industry. I still remember attending my first SE Awards show in Burbank and sitting next to a retail store owner who shared that she made most of her product selections from reading issues of SE mag. That really hit home for me how key STOREROTICA is a credible resource for the adult industry’s business news across the space.”

— Phoebe Grott, Nalpac Director of Marketing and Strategic Partnership

“STOREROTICA has become a go-to place for industry news over the past 15 years. I have enjoyed the integration of the STOREROTICA Awards during the Summer ANME show; they always put on a fantastic show. STOREROTICA has done a great job of bringing us all together, and I can’t wait to see how they evolve in the coming years. Congratulations to the entire STOREROTICA team on all of their hard work and on continuing to put out a great magazine every other month!”

— Elliot Schwartz, President, Nasstoys

“Pipedream has been strong supporters of STOREROTICA Magazine since the very first issue, and it is with fondness that we look back at some of the campaigns we have done with you. It’s always a pleasure to work with the SE team and we consider ourselves lucky to call you both friends and partners. Congratulations on 15 amazing years!”

— Kristian Broms, Chief Design Officer for Pipedream Products

“Kris and the staff at SE do such a great job. It’s a pleasure whenever we’re called for contribution to the magazine, knowing that the writers will take the time to understand what’s going on with Doc Johnson: what the point of our products, announcements, and changes mean. I wish them another great 15 years!”

— Scott Watkins, VP Sales and Marketing, Doc Johnson

“STOREROTICA is one of the most well-respected publications in the pleasure product business. They do a fantastic job of being inclusive and supportive, while also being relevant and informative. CalExotics has been proud to support STOREROTICA since the beginning, and we look forward to continuing. I would also like to thank Kris Kay for his amazing work, he is the heart and soul of STOREROTICA and no one does it better than him!”

— Susan Colvin, Founder and CEO of CalExotics

“Congratulations on 15 years of excellence in adult retail! Kris and the entire STOREROTICA team have been instrumental in Pipedream’s growth and success, along with thousands of other adult retail outlets around the country. They are true partners in every sense of the word, and their industry- leading expertise, insightful articles, and retail-driven perspective is second to none. Here’s to 15 more years of great reads!”

— Rob Phaneuf Vice President Development, Pipedream Products

“STOREROTICA has become one of the cornerstones of our industry. SE continues to go above and beyond to help not only established companies and manufactures but new companies trying to find their way. STOREROTICA allows brands to share their messaging in a way that they feel comfortable with while reaching an expanded B2B market especially inside the retail stores. Congratulation to the whole team on 15 years of success – I look forward to your continued success and growth!”

— Denise Kraft, CEO Naughty Business

“We’ve been proudly advertising with STOREROTICA since the beginning of the publication. It has been a rewarding relationship and we’ve had the pleasure to celebrate our own milestones with the STOREROTICA team. In fact, when We-Vibe was emerging on the market with the first c-shape vibrator, the team assisted with the lifestyle shot that was used on their April 2009 cover. We also celebrated We-Vibe’s 10th anniversary with a special feature and exclusive cover. Thank you to STOREROTICA for being a part of our success, and congratulations on your 15th anniversary!”

— Stephanie Keating, Director of Sales and Marketing, Americas, WOW Tech

“STOREROTICA was born shortly before I moved my career from Nalpac to Holiday Products in 2009. At Holiday, we were just beginning to find our footing as a major distributor, and we utilized STOREROTICA to help get the word out. Fast forward from our humble beginnings together in 2009 to now, and I am happy to say that our relevance, growth, and partnership is stronger than ever. Kris Kay and his team have always worked hand-in-glove with Veronica and her team to make an impact and utilize all that STOREROTICA has to offer. They have always been a pleasure to work with, innovative and supportive in our endeavors. Congratulations on 15 successful years and beyond!”

— Ken Sahn, President, Holiday Products