Eldorado’s Marketing Manager Nathan Morimitsu advises adult retailers in getting ahead of a market crash.

(Note: This story appears in the April 2024 issue of SE Magazine


hrinkflation! To be clear, it’s not what happens to penis-owners when they take a dip in a cold pool. But it is very similar, and whether we like it or not, it is coming for our industry. So how can we prepare for this reality and hopefully make the best of it?

There already have been changes that a down economy brings. From smaller marketing budgets to reduced attendance at trade shows, it’s obvious the economy is struggling. There is some good news on the horizon, though. I learned from my previous experience in the alcohol industry that consumers change how they spend money when the economy starts to get uncertain. Specifically, consumers adjust where they spend their money. They spend less on drinks at fancier restaurants and bars than they would have during a better economy, while spending more at their local liquor stores and spending more time at home.  

How does this relate to pleasure product sales? It means people will be looking for more ways to spend time at home. It also means that manufacturers may be looking for ways to reduce costs and prices to retain sales. We have already seen companies start to reduce their costs with packaging, and I predict we’ll see more of that. It’s not only an environmentally sound decision, but it also costs far less money to produce a bag or simple box than it does a high-end, heavy-weight, more expensive-to-ship box. This allows the manufacturer to maintain profit margins, even if they must lower their prices to stay competitive. Unfortunately, that means distributors and retailers become responsible for communicating that the products in these cost-saving packages are still the same high-quality products that our consumers know and love. 

“From smaller marketing budgets to reduced attendance at tradeshows, it’s obvious the economy is struggling. There is some good news on the horizon, though.”


– Nathan Morimitsu 

I appreciate the burden this shift creates for retailers, and I have faith that you can leverage the relationships you have with your customers to overcome this challenge – by engaging your customers where they shop, whether in store or on their mobile devices and even on social media. Communicate both the features and benefits of these types of packaging changes. Compare the cost of a fancy dinner out with the cost of a quality couple’s toy, specifically how long each expenditure lasts. The cost per minute of enjoyment at the fancy dinner cannot compare to the cost per minute of enjoyment of a luxury couple’s product. 

By getting to know your customers better, you can show them that, even in a down economy, the gift of pleasure is a birthright, and that birthright is worth the investment. Even though the economy has changed, consumers have not. People want to feel good, but they are concerned about making their paychecks go further, because they still need to afford necessities. Remind them that pleasure is important for healthy living, and a quality product that will deliver fun times again and again is a sound investment. 

Nathan Morimitsu is Eldorado’s Marketing Manager. If you really want to go on a wild ride, find him at a tradeshow and ask about paper costs, ceramic packaging and production printing. It’s the cheapest graduate level lecture you’ll ever attend. Email him at Nathan@Eldorado.net. For more information, please visit Eldorado.net.