Email ballots will let SE readers decide which companies, individuals and stores deserve to make the Final SE Awards Ballot!

The STOREROTICA Awards, established in 2007, have consistently honored the best-of-the-best in the world of pleasure products and adult retail. They are also, for all intents and purposes, “reader’s choice” awards, as they are meant to be voted on exclusively by the readers of SE Magazine. Thus, the 2024 SE Award nominees will once again be chosen by readers via a direct email survey, which will be sent out to all subscribers this week.

The 2024 SE Awards will once again be presented live, in person, on July 16 at the ANME Founders Show in Burbank, California. STOREROTICA is also distributing the Official ANME Program Guide, a pocket-sized magazine that will offer complete listings of all ANME exhibitors, a full ANME agenda, the 2023 SE Award nominees and more.

For 17 years, the STOREROTICA Awards have revered those in both the brick-and-mortar storefront, distributing, and manufacturing levels. The 16 returning categories honored this year will include mainstays: Pleasure Product Company of the Year, Distributor of the Year, BDSM/Fetish Company of the Year, Boutique Brand of the Year, Lubricant Company of the Year, New Product of the Year, Foreign Manufacturer of the Year, Brand Ambassador of the Year and two Retailer of the Year Awards (for independent and chain locations).

New this year will be the introduction of the Account Executive of the Year category which will replace SE’s Brand Ambassador of the Year award. Weaving through this year’s ceremony will also be the announcement of inductees into the SE Hall of Fame. 

Pre-nomination votes will be accepted via the email survey starting May 3.

“This awards process will help us by receiving pre-nom and final voting tallies in almost real-time from a wider field of qualified recipients who work with these products and vendors in an almost daily capacity,” says Kristofer Kay, SE’s head of sales and marketing. “Having the opportunity to celebrate our partners and friends marks the highlight of our year here at STOREROTICA. Our continued gratitude goes to the Founders and the ANME crew led by Lacy Empkey for what will be another wonderful evening for the adult retail industry in Burbank.”

All ANME attendees and exhibitors are invited to join in for food and drinks at the 2024 STOREROTICA Awards Show on July 16. For more information, visit, email SE’s Kristofer Kay (kris@edpublications.comor call (727) 723-8827.