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Eldorado’s Catherine Korfel runs through the ins and outs of the rapidly evolving field of teledildonics, offering specific suggestions along the way.

by Catherine Korfel

Enterprising companies are taking a ‘Mobile First’ approach to design interactive experiences for their customers, which includes creating mobile apps for their products. Customers prefer apps for a variety of reasons.

Many users enjoy a more personalized experience based on their interests, location, or usage behavior. Some prefer how an app works faster than a website, while others value the freedom of being able to work offline. A quality app can make a good product better, and can launch an adult toy into pleasure overdrive. Some customers may resist, thinking that loading an app and connecting to Bluetooth technology sounds like a good way to ruin sexy time, but they would be missing out on all the fun.

Teledildonics, aka high-tech sex toys, can range from
a simple remote control of your toy to a fully immersed virtual reality experience. So, what kind of fun is there to be had with teledildonics? It really depends on the toy and the app. Knowing the different app terminology will make it easier for your customers to find their perfect high-tech match.

Remote control
Remote control is the most common reason customers might enjoy an app and is often a standard feature amongst app-enabled toys. Operating your device from a short distance not only provides options across a crowded room but also makes it easier to manage the device while inserted. There are vibrating dildos, bullets, eggs, strokers, plugs, and cock rings with remote control apps.

Brands to Consider:
OhMiBod Blue Motion
Lelo Pico Bong Remoji Blowhole M Cup or Lifeguard Ring Vibe

Long distance
When life gets in the way and separates your customers from love, there’s an app for that. Controlling another’s orgasms from afar might just be the excitement they have been missing. Modern technology makes it easy to connect over long distances and share intimate moments for the ultimate power play.

Brands to Consider:
Lovense Lush
We-Vibe Sync

For customers ready to take intimacy to the next
level, there are toys that are responsive to each other
at any distance. Two-way control offers each partner a more immersive experience. Regardless if you prefer an insertable toy or a stroker, each toy senses and reacts to the other toy in use, giving each person the ability to directly influence their lover’s experience, as well as their own. The toy and the app controls how both toys engage and respond to each other.

Brands to Consider:
Lovense Max + Nora
Kiroo Titan + Pearl2 or Onyx2 + Pearl2

Every woman knows Kegel exercises are important to avoid urinary incontinence and prevent other pelvic floor problems. A toned pelvic floor can even improve orgasm. How to correctly identify the right muscles and contract them long enough to actually improve muscle tone can be challenging. Training apps can make strengthening the pelvic floor fun and easy, while also providing important feedback so customers know they are properly exercising the right muscles.

Brand to Consider:
Gvibe Gballs2
We-Vibe Bloom

Some customers may resist, thinking that loading an app and connecting to Bluetooth technology sounds like a good way to ruin sexy time, but they would be missing out on all the fun. — Catherine Korfel

Personalized rhythms
For customers who are bored by typical vibration patterns, there are toys apps that allow them to customize the sensation through personal preferences of the power level and vibrational patterns. Some apps will sync the sensations to music. Saving your new favorite settings for future use is a technological bonus.

MysteryVibe Crescendo


Brands to Consider:
Lovense Hush
MysteryVibe Crescendo
OhMiBod Club Vibe 3.OH

Virtual reality
Virtual Reality (VR) is a game changer, not only for the porn industry, but also for long-term and long-distance relationships. It’s not just for technosexuals (metrosexual + technophile), but anyone who might enjoy simulated interaction through visual, auditory, and sensory stimulation. To be enjoyed alone with a favorite porn star or a remote lover through a compatible video and VR goggles, adventurous customers can liberate themselves from the constraints of reality.

Brands to Consider:
SenseMax Sense EcoSystem
Topco CyberSkin Twerking Butt Deluxe

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