Though on the market for less than a full year, The Thruster has already become a buzz word.

It certainly doesn’t take a rocket scientist to get off, but it also doesn’t hurt to have a like mind helping design the toys to achieve that end.

Velvet Cock is a newcomer to the adult retail scene, having come on this year, but co-founders Danyell and Alex Fima (husband and wife) have used their decades of experience in the aerospace field to already make an impact with their thrusting toys.

SE Magazine spoke with Danyell Fima to find out about the transition from aerospace to adult pleasure and the launch-pad success the company has had so far with The Thruster.

SE: You mentioned Velvet being a wife-and-husband start-up business, talk about the transition from aerospace manufacturing to adult pleasure?

FIMA: We were a specialty manufacturer for high-end aerospace products using 3-D printing with metals and machining. It was a great business for us, having started the business from scratch in 1994 and running it for 23 years before its sale.
Although the aerospace business was good, we never liked being subject to the cyclical demands of a customer, even big ones. This left us a desire to have our own product company and capability to manage it from cradle to grave, a favorite saying in the aerospace industry.

Certainly, the formalities of supplying large aerospace entities was great experience but it had extensive burdens and barriers. Things like financial audits, quality system maintenance and fluctuating demands were a part of daily business. It was exceptionally rewarding winning in this space, and Alex and I were delighted to move on and start Velvet Cock, where we work to deliver innovative adult pleasure products.

In my opinion, the adult pleasure product business is more fun than most others. There are, however, business nuisances and barriers, like any other industry, that we work each day to overcome. Most significantly, in terms of visibility with consumers and retailers alike, the process takes more time than expected. Shows like ANME where retailers should see the best of what’s new are backlogged and unable to make exhibit space available to new businesses for several years. This leaves consumers unaware of what new and innovative.

SE: What was the first intro to the adult pleasure industry? What were you able to take from your time in aerospace manufacturing?

FIMA: Our first introduction to the adult pleasure product business was at the Sex Expo in Brooklyn 2017, where we introduced our thrusting dildo prototypes to consumers. We were very nervous entering a new business market with a sex toy that had been in engineering for a couple of years. Consumer reception was what we worried most about, and gladly, it was a big hit and we went forward with a full production release at AVN in 2018.

SE: What has your experience in the adult pleasure industry been now that you’re established?

FIMA: We are very happy that are first products are being so well received by consumers with strong sales both direct to consumers and key retailers. The dynamics of the adult pleasure product business are becoming more aware to us with each day. Gladly, it seems there is somewhat of a transformation happening now as female led business, including Velvet Cock, are emerging with enlightened values about sex, and masturbation, equality and driving a far more sex positive culture today than previous generations had experienced.

SE: Talk about the success you’ve experienced in just a year selling The Thruster?

FIMA: It seems that we have really helped set the bar and define the market for Thrusting dildos. “Thrusting” is now a buzz word that defines a new group of toys offered in the adult pleasure product market. Our technology is patented and will be used on derivative sex toy products that will further define our business as we grow.

SE: What do you have planned to finish out the year as well as what you have planned for 2019?

FIMA: The introduction of our Mini Thruster is set for January 2019, it is more affordable, less bulky and yet still shares the same power and flexibility as its big brother.
Also, in January 2019, the original Thruster will be sold with interchangeable toy attachments, additional colors and have optional suction cup attachment. Current customers, will be given the opportunity to convert their present model to either a Mini Thruster or Thruster Nuovo.

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