Wild Flower, the sex toy retailer known for its commitment to ethical and inclusive products and education, has just released its first original product: Enby, a vibrator for every body.

Since its launch, Wild Flower has been committed to de-gendering sex toys as part of its mission to provide a safe and inclusive space for people to purchase ethically-made products. Despite this approach, founders Amy Boyajian (they/them) and Nick Boyajian (he/they) remained frustrated with the lack of gender-free sex toy options on the market.

Taking notes from their queer and GNC friends as well as specific customer requests, Amy and Nick set-out to create Wild Flower’s debut toy – one that was gender-neutral in both its aesthetics and its uses.

“We wanted to create something that could take someone through all of life’s transitions,” says Amy Boyajian, CEO and co-founder of Wild Flower. “Approaching sex toys through a gender-neutral lens makes sexual exploration more imaginative for all people while making space for the queer folks, who have long been overlooked by the sex toy industry.”

The first-of-its-kind product was largely inspired by specific insights from a diverse community of oft-ignored individuals who struggled to find a product able to meet their overlooked needs. In a telling example, a close friend who recently went through gender affirmation surgery lamented that they’d had to give up all of their sex toys. Enby, aimed at serving an incredibly wide set of needs, is positioned to cater to these demands.

Distilling feedback from their customers, Wild Flower designed Enby to be laid flat so users can grind against the vibrating hump, or enjoy as a stroker with textured ridges inside. The flexible wings help Enby stay in place or can easily be squeezed together. For those looking for stimulation during strap-on play, Enby can be worn in a harness or underwear; it can also be easily slipped between bodies during partnered sex. Enby has three speeds and five vibration patterns to explore. The silky soft silicone is splash-proof, and Enby is USB rechargeable.

Enby’s name pays homage to the short-form of non-binary (N.B. or “enby”) and highlights the product’s prioritization of all bodies and identities – no type of genitalia was an afterthought. The name also ties in the identities of the founders; Amy identifies as non-binary and Nick’s initials are N.B.

“Enby started as an idea drawn on paper in our apartment. We’re thrilled to see it come to life, thanks to the help of our amazing testers who helped us through the design process,” says Nick Boyajian, COO and co-founder of Wild Flower. “Enby is a culmination of all that Wild Flower stands for, and it’s been incredible to finally share it with our community.”

Enby is now available for pre-order at wildflowersex.com in Ash or Plum for $74.99.

For press inquiries, please contact Gwen Rosen at wildflower@rachelvandolsen.com. For wholesale inquiries, please contact Wild Flower at info@wildflowersex.com.