Williams Trading Co. is pleased to announce the appointment of Asha Spacek as our new vendor liaison starting immediately.

“We are pleased to announce Asha as our new Vendor Liaison for your daily contact. Her high energy style will fit well with our team,” Williams Trading Co. director of sales and marketing Scott D. says in an email. “Asha comes to this position with strong mainstream work experience as a Production Coordinator with key events including film, fashion, music, and TV on the west coast, in addition to several business and re-branding launches.”

Spacek’s role includes daily vendor contact for all marketing, including Williams Trading University, overall trade show coordination, new product launches, as well as Williams Trading Co. social media.

Williams Trading University will continue to grow and expand its e-learning in 2020 with custom vendor category channels and will have new initiatives in place for our social media branding. Asha will play a strategic role with the ongoing development and growth of our e-learning program.

“I look forward to meeting and working alongside all of the Williams Trading vendors—with a key focus to establish a new type of business relationship,” says Spacek. “I am beyond honored to work with our WTC team to plan, create, and passionately execute a leading win/win strategy to grow our sales with new product launches [as one example]. We have so many unique…so many ‘stand out’ and customized platforms to offer our vendors for increased brand awareness, I can hardly wait to carry out, because I am quite confident it will set everyone apart, build confidence, and drive long-term ROI.”

Asha can be reached via phone at (800) 423-8587, ext. 105 or via email at ashas@williams-trading.com.