When stocking masturbators for Masturbation May, look to Evolved Novelties! Across all four brands, Evolved, Zero Tolerance, Adam and Eve, and Gender X, they produce a variety of stroker toys that satisfy an array of sensations, functions, desires, and price points. 

 Inexpensive Strokers 



New to the Zero Tolerance line are four pocket strokers that are compact for easy travel and storage, but stretchy to satisfy all sizes. Inspired by volcanoes, Vesuvius, Kilauea, Fuji, and Krakatoa each come with their own unique texture that is sure to cause an eruption. Great for add-ons, first purchases, and impulse buys. 

 A&E Triple-Chamber Ball Drainer 


Simple and reusable, Adam and Eve’s Triple-Chamber Ball Drainer features three sections of increasing textures of soft nubs. You can’t go wrong with a soft, squeezable, affordable stroker like this. It’s a reliable seller as well as a great first purchase for buyers looking to experiment before graduating to higher-ticket masturbators. 

 Pornstar-Molded Strokers 

 Zero Tolerance Vagina Strokers 



Zero Tolerance features a collection of stokers molded from your favorite performers’ vaginas. The official endorsement and likeness adds personality and appeal. Also comes with bonus movie download code. 

 Channel Heart Realistic Body Stroker 


For a top-tier lifelike experience, anatomical strokers like the Channel Heart Realistic Body Stroker offer a whole butt, complete with vaginal and anal entries to play with, usable in missionary or doggystyle position. This life-size masturbator is great for customers looking for a realistic experience without going for a full-body sex doll. 

 Other Anatomical Strokers 

 Stroke and Poke 


Coming from Evolved’s Gender X line, the Stroke and Poke experiments with anatomical appearances to make a unique stroker/cock sheath. Textured, squeezable, tight, and see-through, this stroker offers an experience and look unlike others. 

 A Handful 


Also from Gender X, A Handful adds testicles to the traditional butt stroker shape. A Handful has no gender identity or performer name attached to it, making it a fun toy for tops of multiple orientations. 

 Motorized Strokers 

 Squeeze Play with Riley Reid 


Squeeze Play with Riley Reid features 7 independently controlled modes of both vibration and suction to create an intense fellating sensation. It also features audio with Riley Reid’s voice to further your fantasy. 

 Message in a Bottle 


Message in a Bottle combines thrusting and spinning for a uniquely thrilling sensation. Add in a light show and audio with both masculine and feminine voices and you get a memorable multi-sensory experience. 

 Unique Strokers 

 Different Strokes 


Different Strokes is a sleeve with a unique tip that opens and closes to provide two modes of stimulation. You can either wear the sleeve open, letting the motor in the contoured tip massage the frenulum while you stroke, or you can wear the sleeve closed, surrounding the penis with teasing vibrations. Great for those looking for a new masturbation experience. 

 The Embrace 



The Embrace wraps around the tip of the penis, surrounding it with both powerful vibrations as well as frenulum-targeting “tapping.” This tip-teasing toy is great for those looking to add edging to their masturbatory experience. 


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