For some, anal play is a fun experiment. For others, anal is everything. For those who are highly experienced and ready for the challenge of size play, an entry-level butt plug won’t cut it. These massive anal plugs and dildos from Tantus are for experts only, with widths ranging up to 4 inches and lengths up to 16. They are challenging even to the most experienced. Each item is made of Tantus’s patented Ultra-Premium Silicone and is offered in two densities, one in a soft, squishy silicone and the other in a firm silicone that’s extra dense. 



Tantus’s Cone is a great starting point for entry into size play. While it is anything but a beginner anal toy, its tapered tip expands to a wide base, gradually stretching the user’s anus with each push deeper, graduating from small to large to extra large. The smallest variation goes as wide as 2 inches and as long as 8 inches, while the largest is 4 inches wide and 10.7 inches long. 


Inner Band Trainer 

Inner Band Trainer features a similarly conical tip, like Tantus’s Cone, but as it increases in size, it levels out to an even cylinder, letting the wearer rest its large shaft inside without it sliding out as they try to reach its full 9 inches of insertable length. The small variation reaches up to 2 inches in width, while the large variation is 3 inches wide. 


Fist Trainer 

Fist Trainer features a round, tapered tip that stretches to its widest 2.6 inches before slimming back down, like its namesake or a standard butt plug shape. But at the bottom half of its lengthy shaft are 8 ribs that provide fun textural stimulation for those brave enough to go for all 10 inches of the toy. 



Hoss stretches the definition of “realistic dildo” about as far as it stretches the anus. With a veiny shaft, a pronounced head, and large balls, Hoss supersizes a realistic erection to reach 10 inches of insertable length and 2.75 inches in diameter. It’s available in tough black and ruby colors as well as fun neon green and pink. 


Pawn, Bishop, and Queen 

These fun shapes imitate the tantalizing curves and ridges of chess pieces and magnify them to limit-stretching sizes. Pawn is the shortest, but widest of the three, starting with a round, ample, 3-inch tip that feels like a fist, then passes over a ridge to a widening cone shaft. Bishop’s undulating shape starts with a small, 1-inch tip that widens to a couple 2.5-inch bulbs before reaching a long, 3-inch-wide shaft. Queen has a wavy crown that gradually increases in size before reaching its long, 3-inch-wide shaft.


Mr. Universe 

Mr. Universe’s bulk body goes straight to its widest point with a rounded tip that extends to a thick, 3-inch shaft. The muscular texture tickles as it enters, in addition to providing a beefy look for the tough challengers ready to try it. 



Nuke is among Tantus’s widest anal toys with an extra-large head that maxes out at 4 inches in diameter. The massive tip makes its thick 3-inch shaft feel like a relief by comparison, staying that wide all the way down for all of its 11-inch length. 


The 16 

While The 16 is slightly slimmer than other extra-large Tantus dildos at 2.25 inches, its length dwarfs the others at a whopping 16 inches. The lengthy dildo bends and slinks to stuff inside as deep as you can, most notably with the Super-Soft Ultra-Premium Silicone option that offers more give and flexibility than other Tantus silicone densities. 


Tantus’s extensive collection of silicone sex toys doesn’t skimp on anal offerings, neither in quantity nor in size. Though beginner-to-intermediate anal plugs and dildos (of which Tantus also has plenty) reach a wider market, these massive anal toys attract a niche market. These standout items attract dedicated buyers eager to challenge themselves with an unsatisfied urge. This makes them great to list in your webstore, if not only for the in-store conversation piece factor.