11 Pleasure Products to Stock in Smoke Shops 

The smoke goods and pleasure product industries have shared history. In fact, Nalpac began as a pipe maker in 1971 prior to focusing on adult novelties, as did other brands and manufacturers. To this day, both sectors cross over, not only in their subculture natures, but in products that are embraced by both demographics. Listed here are Nalpac recommendations of pleasure products, sexual enhancers, massage goods, and adult novelties for smoke shops to stock. 

Nuud Vapordisiac 

Nuud offers an exciting new entry into the field of libido-increasing supplements in the form of an aphrodisiac vape. The product contains HHC, a compound derived from hemp that is similar in structure to THC but legally differentiated in most states, arousing the euphoric feelings and increased libido usually associated with cannabis in a flavored, concentrated formula. 

Rock Candy Honey Spoon 

Rock Candy’s sweets shop motif makes all of their products eye catchers. In the smoke shop world, where novelties and supplements are embraced, Rock Candy provides both in these flavored supplements, taken from a single-serving spoon in sweet cotton candy and black cherry options. 

Global Novelties Stoner Vibes 

Cannabis graphics never go out of style for smoke enthusiasts and affordable vibrators always have a place for the pleasure curious. This collection of vibrators and accessories from Global Novelties feature all-over-print graphics of the ever-recognizable pot leaf and they all run on battery or plug-in power, keeping them affordable and accessible. 

Earthly Body Massage Candles 

Earthly Body uses hemp-based oils in these foreplay-friendly aromatic massage candles. Smoke shop customers often extend their enthusiasm for cannabis with hemp products for their adjacence to the plant as well as its sustainable, environmentally friendly nature. 

inBloom Rosales 

 There isn’t a single demographic that hasn’t been captivated by the viral Rose suction toy and that includes smokers. Its reputation sells itself, its floral design fits right in with the smoke shop theme, and it stands out on the shelf. 


Humor and novelty have always been a part of both the smoke goods and pleasure product industries. Emojibator’s cute toys capture that adult humor with cute designs modeled after emojis. Toys like the Eggplant or Cherry vibrators are universally appreciated by shoppers with a raunchy sense of humor and fit in with shops that carry novelties as well as smoke goods. 

Fashioncraft Roast and Toast Mug 

These crafty ceramic cups feature a handle that doubles as a pipe, allowing users to enjoy their morning coffee and puff at once. There are over 20 designs to satisfy every shopper and its fun, yet functional shape sets it apart from other pipe and bowl options. 

WoodRocket pins 

 These cheeky chic accessories are good for a laugh, but they also provide a symbol of identity. Wearing an enamel pin cannabis leaf or ball gag is a good way to make friends with others into the same activities. 

NEO Sensual CBD Glide 

 When it comes to sensation enhancement, few ingredients match the relaxing and heightening effects of CBD. This water-based glide uses CBD to apply those enhanced senses directly to sexual organs during play. Acting as a CBD rub, sexual enhancer, and lubricant, NEO Sensual’s CBD Glide satisfies multiple needs in one CBD product. 

Doc Johnson A-Play CBD Suppositories 

If stoners are open to anything, it’s a new high. A-Play from Doc Johnson supplies that with these anally inserted supplements that contain CBD to relax the entire body along with the anus, allowing for easier anal sex. The crossover between adventurous avenues toward pleasure and intoxication makes these suppositories an exciting product to carry. 

HighOnLove CBD Bath and Body Oil 

 CBD is in countless nonsexual body products for pain relief, muscle relaxation, and more. HighOnLove’s Bath and Body Oil floats right on the line between relaxing bath product and pleasurable foreplay enhancer. Great for unwinding after a long day of work or for sharing with a partner in an intimate soak, this oil appeals to multiple end users. 

Building a diverse product selection helps to keep a loyal clientele interested. Being able to satisfy a customer in multiple areas of interest means one shopper can buy more than one product on their visits. Stocking new products also means new customers will have reasons to shop at your store. Exploring the shared appeal between smoke and pleasure products is a solid way to open these opportunities.