Sex toys are a product of mass manufacturing, which makes maintaining a sustainable lifestyle while purchasing one a bit complicated. But a handful of brands are making the effort to reduce their environmental impact with specific lines, products, or packaging. We’ve rounded up a few items and collections to steer your customers toward when they are looking for sustainable options. 

Gaia by Blush 

Gaia is a collection of mini vibrators made from sustainable materials by Blush. Items in the line are composed of BioFeel, a compostable, plant-based bioplastic, and BioTouch, a proprietary natural rubber. Both materials minimize the use of petroleum products and are compatible with silicone and water-based lubes. These bullet vibes may reduce your footprint, but the powerful Rumble Tech motor does not reduce sensation! The cardboard packaging is also recyclable, and even the charging cord is primarily biodegradable. 

Womanizer Premium Eco 

This rose-colored variation of the Womanizer Premium contains all of the high-end technology of the original in a biodegradable body. Womanizer Premium Eco is made of Biolene, a bio-based plastic, and is easy to disassemble and separate from the motor to be properly disposed of. The cardboard packaging is recyclable, and Womanizer has even partnered with an organization to plant a tree for each unit sold! 

Le Wand Stainless Steel collection 

Metal is one of the easiest materials to recycle, and these sex toys are 100% stainless steel. No batteries are needed on these lovely metal massagers, as their sturdy curve, smooth surface, and weighty build provide delightfully strong stimulation to the G-spot or P-spot without vibration. They’re also great for temperature play and body massage and they are compatible with any base of lubrication. They’re simple, shiny, and sustainable. 

Sutil lubes by Hathor 

Hathor, manufacturer of Sutil, takes pride in using natural ingredients in their water-based lubes. Their ethical and sustainable business practices have earned COSMOS and RSPO certification. Sutil’s lack of synthetic and petroleum-based ingredients makes it a great choice for users with sensitivities to certain lubes as well as buyers interested in eco-friendly products. 

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