There are countless ways to spice up a relationship, be it a new toy, bedroom costume, BDSM restraint, or any combination of each, and it is often an ongoing journey to find the combo each couple desires. But some items offer a truly unique experience in one package, encouraging intimacy in creative ways. Here are 5 products to direct couples’ attentions toward when they are looking for a new experience. 



 Clone-A-Willy kits allow users to make their own dildo replica of their penis. While the dildo is a fun, personalized gift that keeps on giving, the process of making it can be an exciting form of play itself! When making the mold, the user has to insert their fully erect penis into the mold mixture and keep it there, staying erect until the mold solidifies. This can be a sexy challenge, making couples exercise their creative muscles to find ways to stay or keep their partner hard without touching their penis. The dildo is not only a usable toy, but a memento of a fun experience! 


Le Désir Lingerie Calendar 

One can never tire of new lingerie or toy purchases. But what if you could keep that “new toy feeling” going? The Le Désir Lingerie Calendar contains multiple lingerie sets and toys to be worn or used over a schedule of 8 days. Just like an advent calendar, each day brings a new gift to anticipate, keeping the excitement up for over a week! 


Sliquid Spark

Warming and cooling lubes add a brand-new sensation to solo or partner play. Sliquid Spark is formulated to both warm and cool in one item, taking couples who use it on a whole journey! Sliquid Spark contains food-grade menthol, which cools on contact, but warms with friction. When couples apply, massage, or penetrate using the lube, they share a spectrum of sensations together. Silicone based, Sliquid Spark can be used vaginally or anally, and even be taken to the shower or bath. 


Pipedream Fetish Fantasy Door Swing

BDSM purchases are usually a gateway; a blindfold leads to wrist restraints, which leads to ankle restraints, and so on. But Pipedream’s Fetish Fantasy Door Swing is an all-in-one system that literally elevates your sexual experience to a whole other plane. All users need is a door to suspend their partner or be suspended from and experience a bevy of new positions and a new dominant-submissive dynamic. 


Le Wand Attachments

If a massage wand is already in your customer’s quiver of toys, consider directing them toward attachments. Wands slide comfortably between two bodies for both partners to rub up on, and with attachments like the Le Wand Curve or Penis Play, one partner can enjoy penetrative or stroking play at the same time the other uses it on themselves for traditional clitoral massage. Enjoying vibrations from the same toy is an intimate way to get the most out of a purchase! 


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