From cosplay to puppy play, tailed anal plugs are a great sexy accessory. These unique anal plugs unite fashion and function to fulfill fetish fantasies and cute looks at once. For fetishists looking for puppy or other animal play, animal tail plugs make the tail feel like a true body part protruding from the bum, tickling inside with every wag and tug. Even for non-animal-play enthusiasts, tailed plugs make anal play look a little more playful and cute for newcomers. Here is a selection of animal-tailed butt plugs, each with their own unique offering. 



Nixie Metal Butt Plug with Ombre Tail 

This plug is furred with a lovely fox tail that has an ombre effect as it fades from blue, pink, or purple to white. Each metallic plug matches its fur. It goes great with lingerie that matches its respective color. Its included cinch bag makes storage easy as well. 


Hott Products Light Up Foxy Tail 

 What’s wilder than an animal tail? A light-up animal tail! This fox tail is speckled with multicolored LEDs that glow in 3 different modes. Great for festival looks or dim rave lighting as well as those who enjoy fantasy and sci-fi with their animal play. 


Blush Anal Adventures Platinum Silicone Rabbit Tail 

 This silicone plug features a black bunny tail that poofs from its base. Bunny tails are an iconic look in adult costumes and this simple pom-pom looks as good as it feels. 


Lovehoney Happy Rabbit Vibrating Butt Plug 

 For those who love vibration with their anal play, this pink-bunny-tailed silicone anal plug comes with a vibrating motor that stimulates in 12 modes. And for versatility, the bunny tail is removable, attaching at a magnetic jeweled base. 


NS Novelties Unicorn Tails Anal Plug 

 Unicorns are a favorite mythical creature with a fashion style all their own, making unicorn tail butt plugs a no-brainer for fantasy fetishists. These long, flowing tails come in four colors, including a notably bold rainbow color. 


Glas Horse Tail 

 Glass is a much-loved anal plug material, making this horse-tailed butt plug a must-have for glass butt plug enthusiasts. The 1.5-inch-wide plug provides a sturdy base for its 19-inch-long horse tail to flow freely from. 


Shots Ouch Glow in the Dark Puppy Tail 

 Puppy play is one of the most popular genres of animal play. For those who love puppy play as much as butt play, this plug delivers. This silicone tail protrudes from its silicone base, free for a happy puppy to wag. Its glow-in-the-dark neon green color looks great in dark rooms and may even allow it to double as an alien tail for the sci-fi freaks. 


These playful butt plugs look great enough not just to satisfy the niche of animal players, but anybody looking to spice up their anal plug collection with a fun and quirky look. To order these plugs or to begin working with Nalpac, reach out at any time to or call 800-837-5946. Visit the Nalpac website to sign up for the email newsletter