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Founded in 2013, Kiiroo is a Dutch sex tech startup specializing in teledildonics/cyberdildonics. The idea for Kiiroo was inspired by the 1993 movie Demolition Man. In the movie, there is a scene where Sandra Bullock and Sylvester Stallone have virtual sex using helmets on their heads. This scene sparked the idea of facilitating a more intimate connection than video chat or sexting. That’s where the idea for Kiiroo was born. SE spoke to Ashton Egner, communications manager for Kiiroo to find out more about the company’s evolution.

SE: What makes Kiiroo one of the top European brands our readers need to know about?

Egner: Definitely the fact that our technology is changing the way we think about intimacy. We here at Kiiroo are creating a safe space for people to interact online and giving them the tools to be intimate regardless of how far they may be.

We have also made it possible to sync our interactive devices to content, whether it is 2D, VR or 3D gaming. The Kiiroo products sync seamlessly to give users a truly interactive and immersive experience.

One of the unique aspects of our devices is that they can be updated remotely through our app. This means the capabilities of the Kiiroo devices are essentially, timeless. Every time we integrate a new feature, your device will be prompted to update, giving you a world of new possibilities.

Last, but certainly not least, we have started licensing our interactive technology to other toy manufacturers and content owners. Over the last few months we have created several interactive devices for third-party companies using the Kiiroo technology, and we have made a number of partner websites compatible with these devices.

SE: What message is Kiiroo trying to get across?

Egner: We want to close the gap between people, no matter how far you may be. Whether it be a long-distance relationship or a single looking to explore their sexuality online in a safe space, or just enjoy interactive content, we want to be able to help. Our aim is not to replace real intimacy, but rather to facilitate intimacy when you are unable to be intimate in person.

SE: How have you seen the niche industry of teledildonics change since Kiiroo’s foundation in 2013?

Egner: We have seen a huge interest in the interactive aspect, not just for relationships. There has been a rise in demand for our products and technology in the webcam industry. Performers on a variety of webcam sites can now connect their Kiiroo device through our app and generate tips from their viewers that translate into vibrations.

It is a really cool concept and has really helped to “spread the gospel” about interactive devices. Alongside this, other major players in the industry have seen the benefits of implementing Bluetooth chips in their devices in order to make their products interactive and connect with the Kiiroo Technology.

We have also seen a huge increase in interest from mainstream audiences as people have seen the benefits of these devices for sex education, sex therapy and other non-adult related aspects.

SE: How much of a U.S. presence would you say Kiiroo currently has?

Egner: Our biggest market is in fact the U.S.; we have a significantly higher volume of sales that happen in the U.S.. In my opinion, this is in big part due to the fact that there are a lot of early adopters of technology and in general, a huge interest in virtual reality and sex tech.

SE: What would you say to those U.S.-based retailers that maybe haven’t had the chance to work with you yet?

Egner: If you are ready to step into the future with a forward-thinking, innovative company, that produces high-quality, interactive products; then we are the right company for you.

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Based out of England, Lovehoney was founded in 2002 and has since grown into a multi award-winning manufacturer and distributor of sex toys worldwide. Lovehoney has operations in the U.K., Australia, the U.S. and Hong Kong for efficient global distribution.
In addition to its presence worldwide, Lovehoney has made inroads in the adult retail industry by holding the official license to make and manufacture the official Fifty Shades of Grey pleasure products range, as well as official Motorhead, Motley Crue and tokidoki ranges. For interested retailers in the U.S., Lovehoney isn’t too hard to get a hold of, already working with major distributors Adam and Eve, Eldorado and Entrenue, among others. You can also introduce yourself at the next ANME show, where they are regular exhibitors.
Perhaps Lovehoney’s single biggest claim to fame is as the largest online retailer of sex toys and related products in the U.K. Lovehoney is rated “outstanding” in more than 80,000 reviews on the independent customer review site Shopzilla, which rates 22 shopping factors including product selection, price, speed of delivery and quality of customer care.
They have been awarded the Best Customer Service Award for online retailers at the eCommerce Awards for Excellence.
Lovehoney won the Internet Retailing Award 2013 against competitors including eBay, Amazon and Burberry. Their success with the Fifty Shades of Grey Official Pleasure Collection and Fifty Shades of Grey Official Sensual Care Collection has earned us the Insider International Trade Award 2013 for Best International Deal.

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Nexus is a British adult brand known internationally for producing innovative adult products for men and women. Nexus was founded in 2005 upon the realization that the sex toy market as it was lacked quality products for men. Where women had a vast array of products at their disposal, men were rather limited for choice, particularly when it came to the higher end of the market.

This changed when Nexus launched the award winning Excel. Carefully engineered to fit the inner contours of the male body, the distinctive shape coupled with the patented stainless steel roller ball perineum massager proved to be a winning formula which set the foundation for the rest of the range. SE spoke with Nexus’ director, Monique Carty, to find out exactly why they’ve become a stand-out, especially in the world of adult toys for men.

SE: What makes Nexus one of the top European brands our readers need to know about?

Carty: Nexus is unique in the products it offers and is a leader in good quality and innovative G- and P-spot toys.

SE: What is your brand’s philosophy?

Carty: As a high-end brand, quality and innovation is what we stand for. We strive to create products that are unique and that are made in the best way possible.

SE: What is your most popular product right now and why do you think it’s doing so well?

Carty: Our best-selling item is Revo Stealth, our first remote-controlled Revo. The Revo range is a range of rotating and vibrating, rechargeable prostate massagers that were the first of their kind. Consumers still see it as the original and the best and the go-to product if you really want to invest in prostate massage. There are four Revo’s in the range, Revo 2, Revo Stealth, Revo Intense and Revo Slim, something for everyone.

SE: How much of a U.S. presence would you say Nexus currently has?

Carty: Nexus has been back in the states for just under two years and is available from most major distributors and retailers. We don’t have a permanent rep in the U.S. and so we rely on our partners to work closely with us and our distributors. As our range grows we have found that our coverage in the U.S. also grows and we are looking forward to continuing this growth.

SE: What would you say to those U.S.-based retailers that maybe haven’t had the chance to work with you yet?

Carty: We would love to work with you! We are aware that our brand signifies prostate massage to a lot of customers which is great, but retailers should be aware that we are offer a lot more than that. In the past I have had potential customers say they don’t sell “expensive” toys or “prostate” toys, but once I show them the entire range they realize their perception of the brand is off. I would urge anybody that isn’t aware of the entire Nexus range to visit our website to see what we are all about.

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