Eldorado’s new Marketing Manager, Nathan Morimitsu, highlights his goals for 2024, which align with Eldorado’s mission statement and the Founders’ vision.

(Note: This story appears in the February 2024 issue of SE Magazine


ldorado Trading Company is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year! I, Nathan Morimitsu, am excited to be a part of our year-long celebration. I am also thrilled that Eldorado’s half-century of visibility and reliability continues to elevate brands and support our retailer customers, from the smallest online resellers to stand-alone brick-and-mortar stores to the largest chains and manufacturers in the Adult Pleasure Products industry. Eldorado has always focused on the success of our customers and vendor partners because together, we can help everyone realize that Pleasure is a Birthright.

The Garland’s vision and legacy is the foundation of this company, and under the leadership and guidance of Wanda and her son, Preston, Eldorado will continue to lead the way. Our mission statement codifies one of those ideals: “We will practice open and honest dealings with every person, customer, client, vendor and manufacturer we deal with every day.” 

With that mission in mind, we will drive more collaborative campaigns with our manufacturing and vendor partners. Over the coming months, you will see collaborative campaigns that will:

Increase brand awareness: We will use our 50 years of brand recognition in the industry to elevate new brands and products while supporting our existing partnerships with top-notch service.

Increase sales: We will work with our partners to create unique campaigns highlighting the industry’s very best products to increase volumes and revenues for stakeholders across the board.

Improve customer engagement: We will seek to engage Eldorado’s core customers and the product end users across all types of platforms, including social media and print, helping us to understand the market better and provide a higher level of service across all platforms.

Embrace innovative marketing ideas: We will work with our industry partners, embracing their creativity and passion as we develop innovative marketing strategies that build excitement and anticipation.

Seek out new expertise: We will continue to expand product training offerings to allow stores to educate their staff and provide a higher level of service to their customers. We will be looking not just for industry expertise but also for educators whose complementary skills and knowledge will elevate the adult pleasure products experience.

I hope to have met many of you at January’s ANME show in Burbank, and I plan to schedule meetings for the Altitude Intimates show in Las Vegas at the end of February. My #1 task at Eldorado is to ensure that we are true partners with the companies we do business with and that we have measurable marketing tools to provide our partners with the best outcomes. If you want to meet with me, please reach out because I want to meet with you! My team and I are excited to help our customers and vendors alike bring pleasure to as many people as possible. 

Nathan Morimitsu is the Marketing Manager at Eldorado Trading Company. His hobbies include fishkeeping, cooking, and helping families battling pediatric cancer. Nathan is always available to meet with industry representatives to discuss how marketing elevates brands, sales, and the Pleasure Products Industry as a whole. Email him at Nathan@Eldorado.net. For more information, please visit Eldorado.net.