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Power comes in many forms, and voting is a powerful act. In order to support and encourage voting behavior this fall, Magic Wand is pleased to provide distributors and retailers with VOTE enamel pins featuring Magic Wand.

The pins, which were created and will be provided by Vibratex — the exclusive, official distributor of the Magic Wand Original, Magic Wand Plus, and Magic Wand Rechargeable — are intended to be distributed as a free gift with purchase in the hope of promoting voting behavior this fall.

“We want to encourage everyone to take advantage of the power of voting,” says Vibratex owner and vice president Shay Martin, “and we feel that utilizing the unifying, positive image of Magic Wand is a good way to help people get some enjoyment out of the process!”

The high-quality enamel pins feature the US flag rendered respectfully, with Magic Wand incorporated as the flagpole, above the key message: Vote. The butterfly-style pins are approximately 1.5 inches in length, with two posts to affix them securely to clothing, bags, caps, etc.

“Our industry has a long history of being passionate in both political and social change,” says Eddie Romero, Vibratex’s director of business development. “We welcome our key retailers and distribution channels to share these pins in hopes that we together can continue to create public awareness, make that VOTE count.”

To request pins and for other sales questions and inquiries, contact Romero via eddie@vibratex.com.

Go to vote.gov for state-by-state information on voter registration and processes. Do not delay, deadlines are approaching!

To learn more about Magic Wand, visit magicwandoriginal.com. Join Magic Wand on Instagram at @truemagicwand.

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