Nalpac Buyers Guide: Gender X from Evolved from Nalpac on Vimeo.

Evolved Novelties is always evolving their brand and their product. Burt Silverstein came through Nalpac to film not one, but two videos sharing examples of how they’re doing so.

In the first video, Burt introduces Gender X with two products from its collection. Gender X is a line from Evolved that features no gendered branding or marketing in product names, box content, or advertising. Burt spotlights the brand with its motorized masturbator, Message in a Bottle, which features thrusting, spinning, lights, and an audio feature with both masculine and feminine voices. Also spotlighted is Velvet Hammer, a dual stimulator with a magnetic thrusting shaft and a vibrating base, suggested for vaginal and clitoral stimulation or anal and perineal stimulation.

Nalpac Buyers Guide | Buck Wild from Evolved from Nalpac on Vimeo.

In the second video, Burt spotlights Evolved’s Buck Wild. Buck Wild is a dual stimulator that delivers an exceptionally strong “come hither” motion at both the tip and the base, as well as tapping massage at the base and vibration in the shaft. When Burt activates all functions at once, you see why it’s earned the name “Buck Wild” as it shakes wildly in his hands.

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