The newest episode of Nalpac EDU’s Pleasure Products Buyers Guide features Joey Teodoro from Shots, who stops in to talk about Shots vibrators Vive Tani and Royal Gems Bijou.

Nalpac Buyers Guide | VIVE and Royal Gems from Shots from Nalpac on Vimeo.

Coming from the Vive line of silicone, rechargeable, multi-motor vibrators, Vive Tani is a vibrating, G-spot-massaging, and clitoral-pulsating dual stimulator. The tip of the shaft vibrates and oscillates in a “come hither” motion while the clitoral extension features a thumping rapid pulse. Each feature is controlled independently in multiple speeds, and a separate boost button increases each activated function to its top speed. Joey walks through all three features with the toy’s strong motions and vibrations clearly visible on screen.

The next item featured is Bijou from the Royal Gems line. Bijou is a mini G-spot vibrator, featuring a curved, bulbous tip and measuring just under 5 inches. Only slightly longer than a bullet, Bijou packs an impressive amount of power, delivering rumbling vibrations in an affordable package.

Joey’s expertise and playful attitude make each of his Nalpac EDU appearances worth a watch, especially for the bloopers at the end. We recommend watching his episode of Nalpac EDU’s 5 Questions from last year, especially if you share his passionate opinions about pizza toppings.

Both Vive Tani and Royal Gems Bijou are now available at Nalpac along with the rest of the Vive and Royal Gems lines.

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