Nalpac Customer Service Sales Representative Rya Raub profiles Clio’s Deia collection in the newest episode of Rya’s Retail Tips.  

 In Rya’s Retail Tips, Rya employs her product knowledge as well as her expertise as a former retail manager to spotlight product features and share tips and tricks to help customers make the most of each item, encouraging more sales. 

 Rya walks through the Deia line from Clio, characterized by unique designs and features and colored in an attractive midnight blue silicone with rose gold ABS accents. The line includes The Feather, a feather-shaped vibrating tickler, The Wearable, a multi-stimulating remote couples vibrator, The Hot and Cold, a G-spot vibrator with one-of-its-kind heating and cooling functions, The Couple, a two-in-one G-spot and bullet vibrator, The Arouser, a pulsating external stimulator, and The Wand, a soft, textured wand massager.  

 Each rechargeable vibrator’s design stands out from other toys of similar styles, some even bringing new features to the table. Rya highlights each toy’s versatility, demonstrating techniques to hold, use, and share them for unique sensations, needs, and desires. 

 Nalpac is a semi-exclusive USA distributor for Deia. To order Deia products or to begin working with Nalpac, reach out at any time to or call 800-837-5946. Visit the Nalpac website to sign up for the email newsletter 

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