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With prostate toys continuing to gain consumer acceptance, this Special Focus offers a look at which companies are creating the most innovative products for this ever-growing niche of adult retail. We also showcase feedback from brick and mortars to find out which brands are stimulating that special spot of men nationwide.

(Note: This is the Special Focus from the April 2020 issue of STOREROTICA Magazine)

Dr. Joel Silicone Prostate Locator

The easy to use Dr. Joel Kaplan Silicone Prostate Locater is ergonomically designed for comfortable prostate stimulation and a mind-blowing experience. The curvaceous probe features an angled precision tip with smooth rounded contours and an easy pull ring for comfortable retrieval. The discreet toy is endorsed by Dr. Joel Kaplan and is suitable for first-time and experienced users. The ergonomically contoured probe delivers exquisite stimulation for extended ecstasy and makes a great addition to an exotic toy collection. – Nichole Grossmann

Anal-Ese Rotating P-Spot Massager

Nasstoys’ Anal-Ese Rotating Prostate Massager was designed specifically for G-Spot stimulation. Sexily curved and deeply textured, the Massager naturally rests against the prostate gland when inserted fully. Once in place, users can cue up three modes of tip rotation. A texture-tipped arm extends from the curved base to target the perineum, along with seven modes of taint vibration with the press of a button. – Elliot Schwartz

OptiMALE Rimming P-Massager
Doc Johnson

This silicone addition to OptiMALE’s P-massagers collection penetrates deep to satisfy multiple areas with rumbling shaft vibrations, a vibrating bendable perineum massager, and spinning ridges placed to stimulate the sensitive anal entry point. Separate controls with individualized modes for each point of stimulation — the 10-function vibrating shaft, 10-function vibrating perineum stimulator, and three-speed multi-direction rotating ridges — customize your experience every time. – Kerin DeFrancis

Anal Fantasy/Anal Fantasy Elite Collections
Pipedream Products

The Anal Fantasy and Anal Fantasy Elite Collections feature some of Pipedream’s most popular and fastest-selling prostate toys, from beginner-level intro items to more advanced thrusters, gyrators, and milkers. For more advanced prostate stimulation fans, the Vibrating Ass Thruster from their Anal Fantasy Elite Collection is a top seller. It puts powerful automatic thrusting and vibration into a discreet cylinder that, when not in use, looks like an ordinary Bluetooth speaker. The product features a warming vibrator and suction-cup base for easy use, and users can toggle through seven vibration patterns and seven thrilling thrusting modes using a convenient wireless remote control. The pleasure possibilities are endless with the Vibrating Ass Thruster and it’s a powerful and popular way to stimulate the prostate. – Shannon McCarty-Caplan

VIP Plug
Sport Fucker

The VIP Plug (Vibrating Inflatable Plug) features a wireless remote control that can vibrate, inflate and deflate the plug from across the room. Want to let your partner know you’re thinking about them from across the table at a dinner party? One click of a button and fun begins. The plug is rechargeable using the included USB charging cord. – Curtis Thompson

Rimmers Model M Curved Rimming Plug 
XR Brands

The Rimmers Model M Curved Rimming Plug is an 8 function remote controlled vibrating, silicone, rechargeable P-spot targeting toy that has surprise internal rotating beads in the neck of the item. These rotating beads have 5 functions of rotation and stimulate the most sensitive areas of the rear while adding another entire level of pleasure. – Rebecca Weinberg

Pig-Hole toys

These are platinum silicone buttplugs that are hollow with ridges or nubs inside. We make small ones all the way up to versions that are big enough for a fist (or two). In use, these are super soft and flexible so once inserted, guys (and girls) can manipulate their hole from the inside, using fingers or dildos or even for fucking. What makes this a super-cool toy for prostate play is you feel the fullness and the stretch and pressure when you insert a dildo or fingers or fuck, you feel the weight on your prostate but no friction. It’s really intense. – Ryan Fraga

Distributor picks

Edge by Lovense 

This high tech, hands-free, dual motor prostate massager is adjustable, so it hits just right spot on every user. Even better? This app-enabled device can be controlled at any distance for worldwide fun. – Dianna Stratton

Vector from We-Vibe

Vector was designed in collaboration with leading prostate experts to be the ultimate prostate massager — every aspect was designed for the human body and your total comfort, safety and pleasure. – Lynda Mort

Aneros Progasm and Lelo Hugo
Holiday Products

Both items, while different in shape, are similar in that they are manufactured by well-known brands, made with high-quality materials, and are ergonomic in style. – Molly Romeo