Color is one of the strongest attributes that make a pleasure product stand out. Whether it retails at $30 or $200, a bold color choice will pull a customer its way in a sea of standard pink and black toys. Here are a few of our favorite Pantone-approved trendy colors that forward-thinking companies are adopting to achieve a modern and exciting look. 



This neutral color makes toys look simultaneously soothing and sophisticated. The light, muted shade pairs great with the soft sensations of Je Joue’s squishable Mimi Soft and Doc Johnson’s A-Play 3-Piece Trainer set. 

Click here for Mimi Soft Click here for A-Play 3-Piece Trainer



Lively, yet soft, coral is as fashionable in clothing and cosmetics as it is in sex toys. It radiates a youthful energy while leaning closer to organic hues than neon. Lelo utilizes this energy in its dual stimulator Ina 3, while Luv Inc. adopts coral for much of its line, including its Lv57 Lipstick Vibrator.

Ina 3 Lv57 Lipstick Vibrator


Classic Blue 

This deep blue conjures up feelings of pensiveness and tranquility. That depth lends an elegance to Deia, a line of vibrators that has adopted classic blue for its whole collection. Accented by gold, this dusk-like blue subtly asserts the luxury-grade status of Deia’s Feather and Hot and Cold.

Deia’s Feather Deia’s Hot and Cold



Pink is standard for sex toys, but quartz stands on its own by staying subtle and soft. Not too striking but certainly not bland, quartz could be a mainstay color option as long lasting as its crystalline namesake. Dame adopts its light touch for its wand vibrator Com, while Tantus uses it for its ultra-soft dual-density dildo Flurry.

Dame Com Tantus Flurry



Green may not be the first color you associate with sex toys, but manufacturers are using it in very cool ways. Like a flourishing garden, green brings a lively energy to your toys. Shots utilizes an exciting neon green in its Luminous line, while Love to Love matches your toys to your lingerie with their Secret Panty, which also works great with neon rave fashion!

Luminous Secret Panty


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