(Note: This story appears in the December issue of STOREROTICA Magazine)

While most of us grip door handles with skepticism or wash our hands with gusto, there may be a certain part of our body that gets overlooked more often than not. Don’t fret — Exsens and their new product, Intime Balance, is here to help.

How are your privates?

While mental health and general hygiene may be at the top of most people’s minds these days, there’s another part of the body Exsens wants to make sure is getting TLC.

“I think everyone realized how important self-care was for our peace of mind and general well-being during this pandemic,” says Rebecca Pinette-Dorin, Exsens North American Brand Manager. “But while we’re exfoliating, deep cleansing and hydrating every other part of our bodies, we tend to forget our vulvas and penises completely. Somehow, we only give them attention when we’re using them, and it’s true: masturbation is up! But shouldn’t we be giving back to theses parts of our bodies that give us so much pleasure all the time?”

Proving the answer is a resounding yes, Exsens — a French-based body care and sexual wellness company — has released several intimate care products, including the newest offering: Intime Balance, an aloe-vera-based intimate cleansing gel.

Joining the already popular Intime Fresh foaming cleanser, Intime Balance offers the same refreshing pH balanced, soap free experience with even more aloe vera in a convenient travel ready tube. Both cleansers support intimate hygiene and comfort by washing away odor-causing bacteria without soap, which can cause burning and irritation. Whether for use after waxing or shaving, during a menstrual cycle or just for everyday freshness, Intime Balance and Intime Fresh are gentle enough for daily use.

These cleansers, followed up with their Coco Shea oil, helps sooth skin after waxing or shaving.

Oh, and the Coco Shea oil is suitable for masturbation, too.

Pinette-Dorin stresses that ‘“gentle” is the keyword when it comes to intimate cleansers.

“A vagina, for example, is home to many wonderful and natural bacteria that help keep those lady bits healthy and feeling good,” says Pinette-Dorin. “Cleansers that disinfect, or even just most bar soaps, are far too harsh.”

This can result in the “good” bacteria being killed, which can cause a pH imbalance and set the stage for a yeast infection.

Aloe vera, known for its hydrating and soothing qualities, runs no such risk.

“Our products are always paraben free and vegan, and follow stringent EU cosmetic regulations,” adds Pinette-Dorin.

So, with all these safe and hygienic options available to pamper our privates, why aren’t they being utilized as much as they should be?

“A lot self-care is linked to physical appearance, and most people do not expect to have someone scrutinize their privates — at least not in public,” says Pinette-Dorin. “Also, the secretive nature of our sexuality in general, that behind-closed-doors way we handle everything that has to do with sex and reproduction, has created a sort of no man’s land when it comes to whatever happens to be between our legs.

“‘Vagina’” and ‘penis’ are still considered taboo words to many — which is just ridiculous, these are body parts!” says Pinette-Dorin, pointing to the stigma around menstrual bleeding for example or how birth control can be shied away from in schools. “As a society, we have turned our backs on that part of our body, so it’s easy to not consider it for self-care the same way one considers a facial cleanser or even a loofah sponge. I would love to see a reversal of this trend. We need to welcome our privates back into the family. Your body is a temple. Treat it with the extra care it deserves.”

For more information, visit exsens-usa.com.