Holiday-themed items are a must-have during the season. But once it passes, it can be difficult to sell remaining seasonal stock. Now that spooky season is over, what can you do with unsold Halloween costumes, party supplies, and accessories? Here are a few suggestions. 

Remerchandise Halloween costumes as bedroom costumes 

 Halloween may be the most popular day to wear sexy costumes in public, but in the bedroom, you can dress up anytime. Role-play and cosplay are major genres of sexual play. Anybody interested in having sex in a nurse uniform on Halloween is happy to do so any other day of the year too. Like all lingerie, a sexy costume is a welcome addition to any night in. 

Sell Halloween-themed items as kink and BDSM gear 

 With spooky styles and black colors, Halloween shares a lot of crossover themes with BDSM play. Black corsets, fishnets, plaid skirts, handcuffs, whips, and dark makeup are as common to find in a kinky scene as in a prepackaged witch, schoolgirl, or police costume. Suggest these items as introductory BDSM kits that may later lead to higher-ticket purchases from satisfied customers looking to step it up. 

Sell old stock online to better serve niche buyers 

 While your brick-and-mortar store serves your region, the web serves the whole world. By listing an item online, you’re accessing a larger market size with more likelihood to find a niche buyer interested in purchasing Halloween-themed items all year long. The crossover between Halloween lovers, nerd culture collectors, and adult toy enthusiasts is not small, and it is made up of active online shoppers. 

Save it for next year 

 Trends come and trends go but Halloween comes once a year, every year. It may be difficult to move these items today, but if you have enough storage space, leftover Halloween items have the potential to sell at their original retail price one year from now. Getting stuck with leftover seasonal inventory now doesn’t mean it will remain a loss in the long term. 

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