Join Cassie Parker (Wicked’s Marketing Manager) as she breaks down some of Wicked’s best-sellers!

• Hybrid: Fusion formula bringing together the longevity of silicone with the functionality of a water-based lube. This means we get an extended play time, but this formula is able to be used with any toy materials (including silicone), rinses clean with just water, and bonus: it won’t stain sheets! We’ve also added an all-natural seaweed extract to this formula which helps contribute to the wetness and slip of the product.

Ultra- Wicked Ultra was formulated with the silicone coinsconnoisseur in mind
What this means is that in this bottle- is just pure high-grade silicone. Check out our ingredient deck and you’ll see just 2 ingredients- dimethicone and dimethiconal which are both high grade silicone. This means there are no UN- needed or filler ingredients in our formula- giving us the silkiest, the smoothest feel and long-lasting playtime that silicone is so well known for.

Awaken – Awaken is a one of a kind stimulating clitoral massaging gel
This formula provides not only amazing stimulation and heightened sensitivity while in use but is packed full of herbal Libido enhancers that contribute to increased desire over time with continued use. This water-based gel is applied easily with this great applicator tip. Awaken starts off cooling and works its way into an ebb and flow of warmth. Increasing sensitivity and blood flow, users will also experience an engorgement of the clitoris which aides in a greater depth of orgasm. This product is also glycerin, L-arginine, and paraben free and infused with olive leaf extract.

Teasers 2: Teasers 2 is a convenient variety pack that includes 2 packets each of some of our top selling flavored lubricant formulas like strawberry, sweet peach, vanilla bean, and cinnamon bun. Along with a bonus packet of Aqua, our top selling water-based lube. Teasers 2 is a great gift item to have in store and it comes in this counter display for use at the cash wrap. Another great reason to stock teasers 2 is to be able to provide an item that customers can take home to try out a few different flavors before deciding on a full-sized bottle or even to mix and match flavors for their very own delicious combination.

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