10 Highly Detailed Realistic Dildos 

While there are more pleasure product varieties than ever, the classic dildo never goes out of style. There will always be shoppers who enjoy the feel, look, and shape of a realistic dildo. And with today’s materials and technology, there is a wide variety of dildos with impressively realistic features. Collected here are 10 dildo lines whose notable attention to detail is bound to satisfy erection enthusiasts. 


Shots RealRock Skin 

The velvet-soft TPE of the dildos in the RealRock Skin collection from Shots have the firm-yet-squishy fleshlike feel of a real penis, along with the finely crafted shape of the veins, head, and frenulum that make it look like the real thing. 


Pipedream King Cock Elite 

Pipedream’s King Cock Elite line improves upon their long-running King Cock collection with dual-density silicone, made up of a denser inner core and a softer outer layer. The flexible-yet-sturdy combination feels impressively like a real erect penis. And the subtle color changes between the shaft, head, and veins increase the realism as well.  


Doc Johnson Signature Cocks 

It doesn’t get much realer than a dildo molded directly from a human being. Doc Johnson’s Signature Cocks collection recreates the erections of your favorite porn stars with precise detail. The personal touch of a real-life performer adds to the fantasy and even makes for a deeper connection when used while watching their films. 


Nasstoys Realcocks Uncut 

The Realcocks Uncut line from Nasstoys pays special attention to recreating the sensation of penis skin. These dildos are made with dual-density TPE, allowing for slight movement on the outer layer. The uncircumcised design also caters to those who prefer the natural look. 


Strap-On-Me Realistic Sliding Skin 

Strap-On-Me by Lovely Planet takes a similar approach to sliding skin with dual-density silicone. The outer layer’s flexibility makes for a stretchy elastic range of motion, lending to the movable feel of a real erection. 


Curve Jock Dual Density 

Curve specializes in realistic toys from strokers to dolls and more, and their dildos are no different. Their Dual Density line from their Jock collection utilizes dual-density silicone in a precisely colored and shaped dildo, creating a lifelike experience up to par with their brand.  



Shaft, by the makers of FemmeFunn and Forto, makes very detailed dual-density silicone dildos organized by shape and color. Their four styles cover various shapes of penises for those who prefer a certain curve or thickness in three different skin tones, making browsing easy for a range of preferences. 


Blush Dr. Skin 

Blush’s Dr. Skin collection features a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to appeal to a variety of shoppers. With each dildo having its own name, each model feels personalized for its own unique experience. 


Evolved Real Supple Posable 

Evolved’s Real Supple TPE dildos expand upon a realistic look and feel with the fun feature of posing. The flexible inner core stays in position, allowing for creative use from any direction. 


NS Novelties Colours 

The velvet-soft silicone dildos of NS Novelties’ Colours collection feature impressive detail with the added fun of wacky colors. These blue, purple, and pink dildos combine realistic feel with creative looks, making for an exciting wild card offering for dildo lovers. 


The precise details of each of these dildos, from feel to shape to color to feature, help to hone in on the desired experience of each individual shopper. Everyone has their preferences, and by stocking the wide variety of realistic options available, shoppers are certain to find the satisfaction they’re looking for.