Anal play has been on the rise for years with no sign of slowing down, and at peak “Sun’s out, buns out” season, Anal August is as good a time as any to experiment, so be sure to stay stocked on anal lubes! While any lube will suffice for anal sex, anal lubes are specially formulated to be extra slippery, last longer, and have a thicker bead. Nalpac stocks anal lubes from a variety of manufacturers, made from a variety of bases for a variety of bodies, preferences, and sexual acts. So, when customers ask, “How do I prepare for anal sex?” here are 14 potential answers to give. 


System JO H2O Anal Personal Lubricant 

System JO’s H2O Anal Lube thickens up their popular Original H2O formula to ensure a long-lasting glide. Using natural plant-based glycerin, JO H2O Anal is formulated with minimal ingredients, making it a great choice for all kinds of users, beginners to experienced. 


Shots Fist It Extra Thick 

For experienced users ready to go to the extreme, consider Shots Fist It Extra Thick. This water-based gel is offered in tub size to ensure every bit of both the giver’s and receiver’s body is covered for deep-reaching anal penetration and stretching. Also consider other bases of Fist It lube. 


pjur Back Door Silicone-Based Anal Lubricant 

pjur revolutionized the lube industry with silicone-based lube, a slicker, longer-lasting alternative to water-based lubes that is also condom compatible. pjur’s Back Door Anal Lubricant uses a silicone-based formula to minimize the need for reapplication. It also contains jojoba oil, which moisturizes skin, keeping it more elastic. 


Sliquid Sassy 

Sliquid takes special care with each of their lubes to be as naturally based and hypoallergenic as possible. Sliquid Sassy applies this concept to a super-thick, water-based gel that’s perfect for anal play while containing no glycerin or other ingredients that some users may experience sensitivity to. 


Boy Butter 

The original Boy Butter is oil-based, making it extremely long lasting. It stays put on your skin, making it a reliably slick option for even the most adventurous anal players (it also makes it great for massage). Note that oil-based lube is not condom compatible, and Boy Butter should only be used for skin-on-skin contact, or with toys made of versatile materials, such as glass. 


Swiss Navy Premium Anal Lubricant 

Swiss Navy does not skimp on variety or quality among their offerings, making their Premium Anal Lubricant a great option. Silicone based for extra slickness and long-lasting usage, it also contains clove leaf oil as a natural relaxant to help keep the body limber and loose. 

Wicked Jelle Water-Based Anal Lubricant 

Wicked Sensual Care’s Jelle Anal Lubricant is impressively thick, keeping shape with friction, providing a long-lasting, cushioned glide. Enriched with aloe vera and olive leaf extract, Wicked Jelle helps to keep the skin moisturized while staying slick. 


Bathmate Water-Based Anal Lube 

Bathmate specializes in penis enhancement, so it’s only natural they promote penis owner pleasure with their Anal Lube! This thick, water-based lube, coming in a convenient pump bottle, pairs great with P-spot toys, butt plugs, and other anal toys. 


Intimate Earth Bliss Relaxing Anal Glide 

All Intimate Earth products contain organic, vegan, cruelty-free ingredients, making their Bliss Water-Based Relaxing Anal Glide a natural option for anal play. Thick, slick, and long-lasting, it also contains clove as a relaxing, but non-desensitizing agent. 


Sutil Rich Body Glide 

Sutil Rich uses natural ingredients to make an exceptionally slick formula that has a silicone feel while being entirely water based! It also contains the natural aphrodisiacs horny goat weed, ginseng root, and zizyphus jujuba to increase libido. 


Sensuva Ultra-Thick Hybrid Personal Moisturizer 

Sensuva’s Ultra-Thick Hybrid Personal Moisturizer combines water-based and silicone ingredients to maintain the slickness and lasting ability of silicone lubes with the versatility of water-based lubes, making it great for anal play of all types.  


Doc Johnson A-Play Extra-Thick Anal Glide 

Doc Johnson’s A-Play specializes in anal toys, but their Extra-Thick Anal Glide oil-based formula is for fisting and other size play. The thick consistency is nice and cushioning to help accommodate what customers are looking to (safely) insert. 


Aneros Sessions Water-Based Lubricant 

Prostate massage is top priority for Aneros, and their Sessions Water-Based Lubricant is made to ensure customers’ P-spot toys (or body parts!) slide in easily and comfortably. 


ID BackSlide Silicone Anal Lubricant 

ID Lubricants are specialized to satisfy all kinds of preferences, and their BackSlide Silicone Anal Lubricant is no exception. Extra thick and extra slick, this cushiony anal lube is sure to deliver. 


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