There are a variety of avenues toward anal pleasure to experiment with, all the way from easing through the learning curve to testing one’s furthest limits. Shots offers a wide selection of anal toys to satisfy newcomers and veterans alike, with varieties in size, shape, texture, style, and function. We’ve curated a list of anal sex toys from Shots’ current collection for the discerning customer looking for something new to slide in their behinds. 


Ouch! Lucky Diamond Butt Plug  

Simple and straightforward, these plugs are smooth, round, and very pretty with a clover-shaped gem at the base. Their cute look is great for cam models and is less intimidating for those new to anal play.  


RealRock Crystal Clear 5 in. Dildo  

While not anal-specific, this non-realistic dong is a solid starting point to ease into anal sex with its safely flared base and smooth design. Slim and sleek with no frills outside of its cool translucent appearance, it slides in with a subtle taper, stretching ever so slightly as all 5 inches enter. 


Ouch! Ribbed Diamond Heart Plug 

Where traditional butt plugs keep a smooth exterior, this plug is ringed with curvaceous ribs that give a thrilling tickle each time it enters or exits. It’s a great spin on a simple toy for experienced customers looking for a new feeling. Adorned with a heart gem base, it looks great too. 


Sono 3-Piece Prostate Stimulator Set  

For many penis owners, prostate play is an underexplored avenue to intensified orgasms. These 3 P-spot massagers are contoured with a bulbed tip that targets the prostate when slid inside. Coming in a set of 3, each massager gradually increases in size, training customers for larger items or body parts to play with. 


E-Stim Vibrating Butt Plug 

Vibration is a classic feature to massage from inside out, but this unique butt plug adds e-stimulation for a rare thrill. Electrical waves penetrate deep for an intense and, literally, shocking massage. It comes with a remote for easy usage and fun surrender play for BDSM players. 


Fist It Anal Glove  

Hands and fingers may be the most reliable anal stimulators. This glove levels up the wearer’s hand by featuring a different shape and texture on each finger. Fitted with bumps, beads, ribs, bulbs, and extra-long lengths, each finger has its own unique sensation. 


Ouch! Ass Snake  

For experts ready to test their most extreme limits, this extra-long plug bends and turns to fit a full 39 inches of toy into the most willing of participants’ butts. Pair this with a lot of lube and suggest it only to your most experienced customers that are looking for a challenge. 


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