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Their customers asked for the trinity of power, pleasure, and value and CalExotics has delivered. Here, their CEO, Susan Colvin, offers the defining characteristics of each new line.

(Note: This is the cover story from the April 2020 issue of STOREROTICA.)

“With great power comes great responsibility.”

And great pleasure.

Award-winning erotic product manufacturer CalExotics is well aware of what literal power can mean in the boudoir. As masters of their craft, the team for the California-based company was tasked with utilizing ever-evolving technology to refine and progress what power can mean for the adult industry.

STOREROTICA Magazine spoke with founder and CEO Susan Colvin to find out how the company’s newest products are delivering power with a pleasurable punch.

SE: What did customer feedback tell you about their desire for “powerful” products, and how have you met their expectations with the new Glam, Shameless, and Tremble products?

COLVIN: We’ve found that customers are passionate about finding the kind of product that offers the holy trinity of toys — power, pleasure, and value. The brilliant thing about our three new collections is that they all offer this at different price points. Each of these collections caters to all users, whether they’re new to sex toys or they’re longtime users. Our goal has always been to offer customers quality products that enrich their intimate lives. Glam, Shameless, and Tremble are great examples of how much we appreciate customer feedback and how we reflect on it when coming up with new collections.

SE: How exactly did the creative conception for Glam come about?

COLVIN: Our concept for Glam was inspired by the bold look and feel of the glam-rock era. We knew we wanted our Glam collection to be as visually striking as it is powerful. These bullets are over the top in the best way possible. That’s where the metallic colors, shine, and photoshoot really brought our vision together. We channeled our inner Ziggy Stardust for this collection, and it was just as spectacular as we hoped for when we came up with the concept for it. These edgy bullets scream originality, glamour, and outrageous power.

SE: How were the new lines — Glam, Shameless and Tremble — received at the January ANME show? Did this reception reaffirm the thought processes that birthed them?

COLVIN: Customers at ANME absolutely loved Glam! This collection has striking artwork and a retail-friendly price point that makes it easy to market, especially when customers are looking for more bang for their buck. This collection also proves that bullets don’t have to be boring. Customers loved Glam because this collection offers vibrant colors, powerful functions, and a sleek, unique shape that is the perfect size. Glam is not a shy product; it’s audacious.

The Shameless Flirt packs outrageous power, boasting 850 thrusts per minute.

Our three Shameless beauties made a big splash with their sinfully-soft silicone and powerful motors that boast up to 850 thrusts per minute. Customers loved seeing that power number on our Shameless displays because it helps them quantify this collection’s thrusting power when they see it in action. Shameless is a game-changer for vibes because the collection offers users the power of a sex machine in the palm of their hand. Over the years, we’ve found that many users want the same amount of power as a sex machine in their vibes, but without the price tag and bulky design. This frame of mind is what inspired our passion for creating a collection like Shameless.

Tremble was a favorite among customers because of its compact design, Ultra-Soft dual-density silicone body and powerful vibrations. This collection caught a lot of attention with its body resonating motor, which is unlike anything else on the market. This powerful motor sends vibrations that target pleasure zones in your body that are deeper than the surface of your skin. Tremble isn’t just stimulating users with vibrations; it is also activating their body’s ability to enjoy a more profound sensation of pleasure with power that moves you.

We channeled our inner Ziggy Stardust for this collection, and it was just as spectacular as we hoped for when we came up with the concept for it. These edgy bullets scream originality, glamour, and outrageous power.”  Susan Colvin on CalExotics’ new Glam line

SE: What are the defining characteristics for each of these new collections?

COLVIN: Shameless is bringing a new meaning to the word “power” with up to 850 thrusts per minute. These showstoppers feature precision-driven motors with smooth thrusting action for every power queen’s dream come true.

Tremble was a hit thanks to its compact design, Ultra-Soft dual-density silicone body, and powerful vibrations.

Tremble offers seismic power that moves you. This innovative collection features a unique body resonating motor that vibrates deeper than the surface of your skin. Feel the energy with these Ultra-Soft silicone massagers designed to push your orgasm off the charts.

Glam is a collection of fierce bullets that offer mind-blowing power. Each supercharged color packs power with an edge and features deep, rumbling vibrations that never stop.

SE: How do you advise newer, less experienced users to deal with such power in a pleasurable, effective manner?

COLVIN: Take it at your own pace. Enjoy exploring you or your partner’s body in a way that feels pleasurable and comfortable. It’s not a race unless you want it to be. Start with the lowest setting and then increase the speed or function as you build an experience that is exciting, pleasurable, and tailored just for you. When you’ve mastered one position, try the vibe in another. These three robust collections are versatile and expertly designed to help you find pleasure that’s even more powerful.

SE: How pervasive will this trend of “powerful” products be within the erotic retail industry?

COLVIN: Consumers are always looking for more features, functions — and power — in their products. As consumers are becoming more aware of their bodies and what gives them pleasure, they want products that meet their needs. I see that trend continuing and evolving.

SE: How has technology advanced to allow for a more enjoyable experience without being power overload?

COLVIN: Glam is a perfect example of how much technology has advanced. This supercharged collection offers power in a compact size with a whisper-quiet motor. Users don’t need to purchase a loud, bulky sex toy to find the great product they desire. We believe customers deserve products that are high-quality, innovative, and pleasurable. By providing different functions and speeds to users, our products help customers discover what makes them feel good.

SE: From a retailer perspective, how do you ward against the notion that power has to be (or used to be) expensive?

COLVIN: With these collections, you can see that power comes in all shapes, sizes, and price points. As a retailer, it is essential to have options for consumers as everyone has their own needs and wants when searching for a product. Some may be looking for a small vibe that packs a punch while also being economical, and we have Glam for that. Others may want the power of a sex machine but without a huge investment, and we have Shameless for that. It’s all about making products accessible for all consumers.

SE: How do you encourage wary customers into stepping up their power-pleasure experiences?

COLVIN: We provide product videos on our website for customers to view so that they can get a better understanding of each product’s unique features, speed, and functions. Customers can also step into a retail store to touch and feel a product tester from each of our collections. Having these opportunities also gives them more confidence in purchasing the right intimate product for them. CalExotics always strives to offer products that feature a variety of functions and settings so that users can customize their own experiences and take control of their pleasure.

For more information, visit b2b.calexotics.com.

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