6 Anal Enhancing Accessories for Anal August 

Anal August is a celebration of all things anal sex, not just toys and lubes. Every aspect of anal sex from penetration to licking and beyond has its own needs and requirements, which is why we’re featuring these tools that make anal play easier and more enjoyable. These anal sex accessories cover everything from cleanliness to relaxation to presentation for all booty enthusiasts.  

Du Douche

 Du has made great innovations to the common douche while keeping it simple, easy to use, and affordable. Du douches feature an anti-backflow bulb that pushes fluid out without sucking it back in. The one-way flow system and easy disassembly for cleaning make Du stand out from other douches.  

Exposed Booty Tape

 This clever accessory spreads booty cheeks by taping them to the wearer’s hips, making for better clearance for all kinds of anal play and vaginal play alike. The extra play room makes for deeper penetration, easier fingering and vulva massage, and a hot gaping look. Each box comes with 20 strips.  

Intimate Earth Mojo Anal Relaxing Gel

 Relaxation is one of the most important steps of anal play. When the anus is relaxed and properly lubed, anal penetration should run smoothly. Intimate Earth’s Mojo Anal Relaxing Gel relaxes the anus upon application, making anal penetration easier. It uses natural ingredients like clove, rather than desensitizing agents to ensure all sensations are felt.  

Aneros Wipes

 Anal play has the potential to get dirty—in the physical way, rather than the fun way. A swipe of these sanitary wipes from Aneros helps things stay clean. Encourage customers to use before and after sex or even keep them near the toilet to stay clean all day. They also can be used to clean toys!

La Nua Toy Cleaner

 Anal toys have the potential to retain bacteria and odors more than other toys, making a toy cleaner a necessity for anal enthusiasts. La Nua’s natural, fragrance-free formulas and lovely glass bottles make them a standout for anyone looking to stay clean.  

b-Vibe Lubrication Applicator 3-Piece Set

 Lube is a necessity for anal sex, but even lube can fall short from its full potential without proper application. Lube is usually applied by hand at the tip of the anus as well as the penetrating toy, penis, finger, etc., but lube can get jammed up at the entrance. These lube applicators slide into the anus, injecting lube throughout the anal cavity. Coming in three per box, these sets are great for backups, or for up to three partners. 

 Anal play can be intimidating for newcomers, and seasoned players can be craving more from their experience. These accessories help both customers facilitate ease, comfort, and new sensations in all aspects of anal sex. 

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