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SE's Cover Story

SE-Oct-2018-CS Page_1Just 12 years ago Eric Lee was going store to store on a bicycle in New York City. He sold sex toys to adult shops, taking orders one day, heading back to Brooklyn to pack them, and delivering them the next.
Verna Meng, who started in business as a translator between U.S. and Chinese business owners, was introduced to a Chinese business owner who worked in pleasure products. Eric and Verna—now husband and wife—knew they had the skills to make inroads in the American market. And just like that, Blush Novelties was born.
“Our first few years were difficult,” Verna admits. “We stayed up countless nights to work with the vendors overseas. We devoted all our time and money to travel to tradeshows, connect with distributors, make cold calls and drive around ceaselessly to discover all the relevant stores.”
As the CEO, Verna established an extensive network and laid the foundation that catapulted Blush to where it is today. Not only has she expanded Blush’s global reach, but she works to continuously improve and transform the company.

SE's Featured Product Review

pro 4

Satisfyer PRO 4 Couples review

The name implies this device is for couples and the illustration on the box depicts using the SP4C with a partner. Let’s deconstruct that for a moment. While I did use it with my partner, with him inside me, our first attempt proved somewhat awkward. That being said, it was quite nice while my partner simply laid on top of me, (while he was inside of me) but when he began moving in and out, the device wanted to move in and out with him. This created interruptions to the air pulse vibration to my clitoris, almost like a tease. I’m not saying that’s necessarily a bad thing, but the more I used the SP4C, the more I realized continuous contact proved much more titillating.


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